Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Best In Vancouver: Gigaheartz

I tracked down the last band in the Best In Vancouver finale show, Gigaheartz. I had a quick chat with the lead singer about the competition.

James: What can we expect from Gigaheartz for the upcoming finale show?
Eddie: We always focus on keeping the energy going. We just want people to dance. If they have fun doing that, we've done our job.

James: What do you think about the competition and its impact on the scene?

Eddie: Anything that brings local bands together is a worthwhile endeavor in my books. I've never been fond of competition when it comes to art, but it's awesome to have the input of some big players in the industry. Their willingness to help us grow and develop as artists is amazing.

James: What do you think of the judges and prizes?

Eddie: As I said, the judges are some major contributors to Canada's music scene. It's an honor to have them listen and offer their advice. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn as much as we can from them.

James: What's coming up for the band?

Eddie: We just recorded our debut EP with the amazingly talented Winston Hauschild. We'll be releasing that in the very near future. We've got lots on the way as far as music videos and promotion goes as well. There's gonna be a lot going on for us in the new year.

Be sure to check out the details for the show on saturday HERE. Check out Gigaheartz on Facebook HERE.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best In Vancouver: Season To Attack

I was able to track down the lead singer to Season To Attack and have a quick talk about the upcoming finale show for the Best In Vancouver competition.

James: What can we expect from Season To Attack for the upcoming finale show?
David: We have all learned how to juggle chainsaws. We will be bringing a lot of buzz.

James: What do you think about the competition and its impact in the scene?

David: From my own observation, it seems like the shows are very well attended, the vibe is heightened and the venue and promoters have done a great job executing the plan. As far as it helping the scene, I think contests are a bit more what each band contributes and what they do to build on their own involvement- just like the scene. It does provide some good exposure and repetition of finalist names, so everything seems pretty great.

James: What do you think of the judges and prizes?

David: We appreciate that esteemed industry professionals are participating, but we are not in this for prizes specifically. We want to represent our project and direction well, show people that we love to play music, and support other competitors in what is turning out to be a really great time. We have noticed that the judges are among the most attractive humans we have ever seen, however. As a sort of side note unrelated to winning the contest. *cough*

James: What are some upcoming plans with the band?

David: We are currently hard at work on a full length record, with a working title of "All We Do Is Kill." Gatlin is putting in a great deal of his energy with us on art direction, recording and we are really crafting an awesome set of songs and will be releasing it in a few cool and offbeat ways in the New Year. We will be playing many of those selections at the show this weekend, so let us know what you think!

Check out the details for the show HERE. Follow Season To Attack on Facebook HERE.

Be sure to stay tuned for the final interview with Gigaheartz and a special interview with Kevin from Rednyne Productions!

Best In Vancouver: Ellice Blackout

Keeping up with our coverage of the Best In Vancouver Finale interview series, I had a chat with the guitarist from Ellice Blackout.

James: What can we expect from Ellice Blackout for the upcoming finale show?

Jaws: A performance so polished you can see your reflection in it, we've really tightened all the nuts and bolts for this final show

James: What do you think about the competition and its impact in the scene?
Jaws: I think its exactly what the scene and new bands need to launch our careers as musicians in Vancouver. the exposure so far has been amazing

James: What do you think of the judges and prizes?.

Jaws: I personally dont know a lot about them as this is my first rock band, I've always stayed in the metal scene before. But i know a lot of the other guys in my band really look up to them

James: What are some upcoming plans with the band?

Jaws: We have a brand new full length album thats just in the studio getting finished, It should be out in the new year, Plus plans are in the works for a really big music video shoot in January. So there is a lot of great things on the horizon for Ellice Blackout

Check out details for the show HERE. Follow Ellice Blackout on Facebook HERE

Stay tuned for interviews with the other remaining two bands. Check out our interview with Nightshift as well!

Best In Vancouver: Nightshift

I had a quick chat with the guitarist from Nightshift about being in the Top 4 for the Best In Vancouver competition put on by Rednyne:

James: What can we expect from Nightshift for the upcoming finals?

Martin: We're a little different from the rest of the bands. We bring fast, loud, energetic punk rock with a setlist of nothing but fan favourites.

James: What are your thoughts about the competition and what it does for the scene?

Martin: I love the idea. It's a great way for local bands to get exposer to industry reps as well as bands (and their fans) from different genres. We've made connections with so many great people and heard a lot of great music so far.

James: What do you think about the prizes and the panel of judges?

Martin: All the bands that made it to the finals are guaranteed a prize pack that is going to move them forward with their music career. Ranging from songs produced by Tommy Mac of Headly and Danny Craig of Default, to photo shoots with Tyler Branston Photography and web design. Rednyne did a really good job of putting this competition together. The panel of judges is no less impressive. Its great to see big names in the industry supporting up and coming bands.

Check out the show details HERE. Follow Nightshift on Facebook HERE.

Keep checking out the site for upcoming interviews with the other three bands!

Why Tour Videos Rock

Ever want to feel like a rockstar? get to know a band better? see what bands do when they aren't rocking the stage? No better way than seeing a tour video. See them out on the road, being goofs, having fun, and see their fine pallets of fast food first hand!

Check out Tommy Alto's West Coast USA tour vlog! It has some great shots and some fun times!
Check out their Facebook HERE.

Somewhere Only We Know

Victoria singer/songwriter Rebecca Boux recorded a fantastic version of Somewhere Only We Know at the Hammer Records mobile studio! Take a listen here!

Lost Stars

Check out this fantastic cover by Peggy Yeh and Kyle Stibbs! Two fantastic singers.
Check out Kyle Stibb's Facebook page HERE.

Lonely Shoppers Network

Not sure what I was expecting with a title "Always at Home With The Lonely Shoppers Network", but this wasn't it. I was almost expecting some abstract music or prog-ambient-synth-something.

I was not expecting a 20 minute long mix of piano, guitar and vocal track. This laid back song lets you settle into a feeling of peace, then explains its message. The song slowly morphs into different parts, each with slightly different feelings and production work.

Sit back and enjoy this piece of musical diversity. He also has a track entitled "Peace Forever With The Lonely Shoppers Network".

Music That Breathes

Im not sure if Jay produces full beats and instrumentals, but he puts 30 second clips of his music up on his Soundcloud. Some great funky tracks. Some are a little more computer generated than others. Some are quite organic. He has a great sense of diversity with his music which enables him to produce a plethora of genres.

Check out this tracks HERE and take a listen to what he is all about!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do You Hunt At Night?

Bands sometime get in the way. When two people have a vision and have the means to carry out that vision, then sometimes less is more. Hunter's Night is made up of Greg and Ali. Their debut album is 5 tracks of bluesy rock goodness! A great mix of catchy vocal hooks, some thick guitar and tight bass and drums really bring out the raw quality of these songs.

Very interesting to note that this is all a home recording. Recorded in a workshop but you can barely tell. The production on this album is fantastic. Some of the best home recording I've heard in a while. The vocals are fantastically mixed to be both raw but also quite commercial at the same time. Quite a quirky vocal tone which dictated the whole sound of the album.

This is an album you should crank on your car stereo when travelling to go on a hike. Even put on while your having a glass of cheap wine on a sunny day.

Check out their album below and their Facebook page HERE.


Get Your Roar On!

It's always a breath of fresh air to hear music with a fantastic singer. It is the one part of a band that either makes or breaks the overall sound. We know every singer has their own tone and unique things they like putting into their recordings but sometimes it takes a few listens to really grow to love that voice.

Belvue is a band that seems to have crafted it's song around the vocals instead of the other way around. Their radio ready rock tracks are original, easy to listen to and are quite imaginative. Their new EP entitled "How To Be A Lion" is full of dynamic, deep, well constructed tracks. Hints of indie influence, hints of pop and a whole lot of rock and alternative rock make this album very diverse. Yet as your listening the music is both predictable but unpredictable at the same time. They have little things that keep you ear engaged and your mind from wandering.

All the tracks have a great use of harmonies. There are a few moments where I wished the harmonies were tighter with the main vocal pitch wise. A few parts where the harmonies were a little out of tune and that breaks the illusion of the song away. The instrumentals behind the vocals are thick, rich and full of emotion that blends perfectly with the lyrics and meaningful tone of the vocals.

All together this is a great sounding album. I would recommend putting it on with a great cup of coffee, a nice book and a rainy day. If your in Vancouver, then thats almost everyday!

Check out their Facebook HERE.

Quite Different Lodgings

Music is always about self expression. Some people paint landscapes, some paint shapes, and some just use the colours to paint something entirely different. The same can be done with music. Music is just audio sound waves played in such a way to be pleasing to the ear, or even sometimes not to be so pleasing. So many variables come into play when crafting music that no one can say "thats a horrible piece of music". They may find it not in their comfort zone but nothing discredits someone else's view on music.

Lodge NÂș1 is quite experimental on the scale of experimental albums I've heard. It helps with the live video that they filmed to comprehend their creative process. It was nominated "Island Instrumental or Experimental Album Of The Year" on the Van Isle Music Awards. This four track EP is full of diverse and audibly stimulating  music. They keep a great sense of dynamics with their pull and push of overlapping sounds and instruments. Check out their website HERE.

A Method To The Madness

The Method is a alternative rock band out of Kingston, Ontario. You can hear their influences on their sleeves, their rag tag rock and roll is written to get you moving. Their new self titled LP is full of pumping tracks.

The opening track "Mr. Incredulous" its a fast paced punk rock track that introduces the band perfectly. Driving drums, riffing rock guitar, thick bass and some gritty vocals, overall creating more of a 90's sound. Theres a few parts on the album where I wish the vocals were a little more on pitch. There are some intentional parts for flavour but some parts just sound a little "cheap". Also touching upon the vocals I wish there were some gang vocals at times. Even chants would help keep up the energy and give it more of a "live show" kind of feel. I love that the vocalist has two flavours to his voice. A lower tone which he uses on some of his verses and then his full high pitched vocals on the chorus.

"The Truth" is a track that really demonstrates the dynamics of the band. The album is well recorded and mixed solidly. I wish there was some more tightness between the rhythm section and the rest of the band. There are some moments where perhaps some more dynamics might help with the track. The drums don't have to be playing constantly during each song. The guitars has a great range of tones which help diversify the tracks.

The Album as a whole has a great loose rock sound which would go great on college rock radio stations. I think with some more practice and producing these guys could put out a killer album!

Check out their Facebook page HERE.