Friday, June 10, 2016

It Could Be You - The Fairest And Best

Many singers have sung about current events, politics, hard times. But only a few really get their message out beyond their followers. It takes a mixture of clever song writing, catchy hooks and good production in order to really get the song to travel as far as it can. "It Could Be You" by The Fairest And Best, has all of this. From the first note you know you are in for a journey.

Music is universal and I hope this songs travels and touches the lives of many affected by this tragedy. The song puts great the situation in a great perspective "it could be you", meaning would you care about the issue more if it was you? Of course you would. So why not give these human beings the same respect that you give yourself. Here is a little write up from the band's website:

We are really excited to share our new single, "It Could Be You"with you. 
It's a song that challenges us to assess our personal response to the worst refugee crisis since the last Great War.
That's really the main point isn't it? With all of the crazy things going on in the world, it could just as easily be you having to flee for your life. That's the idea of the song. We hope that this idea stirs you to get involved and to support other people - "people who just like you" - but are unlucky enough to be on the wrong side of fortune.

So, watch the video - listen to the words - and enjoy the song. If you then feel so inclined, please consider purchasing the single.All proceeds of the sale of this song go to International Red Cross for their work with refugees worldwide.

"...Do you really think it's true - when you say there's nothing we can do
When you know you'd never say that as a child?"

We  appreciate your interest in "It Could Be You".  We have been busy with our music lately! If you watch the Discovery Channel, NASCAR Network, or FOX Sports -  be on the lookout for our music. Fourteen other TV shows have also asked to use the songs from our new EP "When I Feel Like This".

As a band, we feel so strongly about refugee issues that we decided to donate all the proceeds of "It Could Be You" to The International Red Cross to support their work on behalf of refugees worldwide. The single was also funded by members of Resa's Pieces Singers, the choir that Robert directs ( That's actually a story in itself. Read about it here. They also sing on the chorus and bridge of the song and are featured in the video - the link is below on the left. 

If you happen to want to also pick up some of the other great music that we've been working on along with "It Could Be You", you can do that too. There are two  bundles available - both have the option of a CD copy of our EP as well. The portion of the single will still be passed on to the refugee initiatives regardless of which bundle you choose.

Please share this link to your friends and colleagues - we really hope to raise a lot of money for this important cause.

Thank you for your support!

So please do what you can to help out this great cause and spread this song, support the band and most of all, support the refugees.

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