Monday, December 2, 2013

Pizza Pop! ft. Halfway to Hollywood and Take Me To The Pilot

Back in town after a fairly long tour stint (starting from Winnipeg - my hometown! and ending in Vancouver at Olympia Pizza) was Halfway to Hollywood, alongside some friends of theirs in Take Me To The Pilot and Chase Your Words. It was a great show all around. Quick set changes, great crowd (consisting mostly of 13-18 year old females and their chaperons), loud music you can't help but dance to, and an awesome sense of "community" you just don't see much in the Vancouver scene today.

Chase Your Words opened the night with their pop-punk driven set. Although they seemed young and a little inexperienced on stage, they put on a good show. The main vocals and a few of the harmonies were a little pitchy at times, but I chalk that up to nerves and not hearing themselves properly. With the addition of in-ear monitors, their set could excel. The instrumentals were catchy with a strong drum beat driving each song. They remind me of a young "All Time Low." A little rag-tag, but with some practice and experience they could be the next big band to emerge from Vancouver's pop scene. Check them out HERE.

Take Me To The Pilot (or simply TMTTP) was next to rock the stage. This band is a long way from their hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, yet still had hordes of teenage girls screaming and singing along to every song; original and cover alike. The vocals were nearly pitch perfect the entire set, the melody lines were beyond catchy, and they had obvious stage experience. With such a tight, driving instrumental, hook filled lyrics, and a sweet use of harmonies and backing vocals, it's no surprise TMTTP had every body in the place moving. Great musicality, great personality, and great showmanship make for an amazing live show. I'm looking forward to their next tour already, and will definitely be keeping my eye on them online. Be sure to check these guys out HERE.

There's not much I can say about Halfway to Hollywood that I haven't said before. These three individuals have immense talent and are one hell of a force to be reckoned with in not only Vancouver's pop scene, but all of Canada's! Their heartwarming songs are full of cool guitar riffs, cute catchy lyrics, and a tight rhythm section that will keep you dancing all night. For such a young band, having only started playing live shows two years ago, it's incredible to see how much they've grown, and how successful they've become so early in their career. Halfway to Hollywood already has die-hard fans nation wide and will only continue to get bigger and better with time. Always a pleasure covering and reviewing one of their shows (and albums)! Thank you again to Roman, Brenden and Grant for inviting us out. We look forward to the next show! Be sure to check them out HERE.

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Also! Big thanks to both Take Me To The Pilot and Halfway To Hollywood for all the awesome swag!
You'll be seeing some new album reviews coming your way soon.

- Rose Weekes

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