Tuesday, September 30, 2014

God Save The Queen

Hammer Records has always enjoyed seeing bands work hard, be creative and slowly but surely gain fans and success. Queen Cobra is one of those bands. I had a chat with Brianne, lead singer from Queen Cobra, about their thoughts on Vancouver and what they have been up to. Check out their new website HERE.

James: Where did your band start?

Brianne: Queen Cobra is a home grown, Vancouver band. It all started when I was hosting a little open mic at a bar on Robson Street and this long haired guy walks in wanting to cover Paradise City acoustically with me. I knew from THAT moment, that he walked into THAT bar for a reason! Come on, a rockin G'n'R song done acousically?! After he jumped around for a bit on stage knocking over my mic stand, I invited him to come out for a jam with my band at the time. After Brandon guest starred at a couple of my shows, I decided that we just HAD to start something up. We jammed a few times and wrote some tunes, then we found Colin on craigslist and Drew joined from my previous band, and that’s how Queen Cobra formed.

James: How has Vancouver helped your bands career?
Brianne: Vancouver is a tricky mistress! She’s crazy, and just when you think you’ve reached the height of her madness and you’ve figured out how to get to the top, there’s a whole other attic up there just waiting to be discovered. Vancouver has helped our band grow, promote and play better shows. She is filled with terrific bands and the scene keeps getting bigger! We are proud members under the wing of Rednyne Productions. The wisdom and knowledge that they have taught us, has upped our game and we are striving to reach the levels that some of our fellow Vancouver bands already have. We wouldn’t be where we are without Rednyne and we wouldn’t have met the men of Rednyne without the help of our fair city.
James: What is your favourite venue to play in Vancouver and why?
Brianne: We have played all around Vancouver. The Cellar, Joes Apt, The Media Club but I have to say one of my absolute favourite bars to play at is The Roxy! I love the stage, the staff, the sound and the people that come out to The Roxy tend to be rock'n'roll lovers!

James: Where do you plan on going? Staying? Moving?
Brianne: We are staying right here! We feel that the scene is becoming bigger and better and we want to be a part of the movement. Rock'n'roll is making a comeback in Vancouver and we're gonna help push it to the limit.

James: Favourite Vancouver story?
Brianne: There are too many GREAT Vancouver stories to list, but rest assured, they ALL involve the members of Queen Cobra and our good friend, Mr. Jack Daniels!

James: What's in the works with the band?
Brianne: Right now Queen Cobra is under a show contract with Rednyne Productions. We are always playing bigger and better shows. We are in the process of getting our merchandise in order including t-shirts made for all of our favorite cobras and cobros out there AND we will also be going in to the studio very soon to record our very first single! The BIG NEWS that we haven't told anyone yet and hammer records is the first to know, is that we will be going under management starting November 1st! We feel like this will help us become one of the "break out bands" this coming year and we are looking forward to what's in store for us in the future!


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