Sunday, November 8, 2015

Best In Vancouver Top 4: Carousel Scene

Carousel Scene is quickly making a scene! Making their name known and establishing themselves in the Vancouver music scene. Be sure to check out the video above to hear them rocking out in a Van! We had a few words about their feelings of being in the top 4.
James: How did it feel to make top 4? Carousel Scene: Humbling. It is an amazing feeling to know that the judges rated our music and performance high enough to beat the other 27 bands, but most importantly, because of the amount of support we've been getting from friends from the very start and new fans alike!
James: How are you going to make the finals different from your last show? C.S: We will put our previous BIV performance to shame with our finals appearance; we will be showcasing a bit of our new direction and we plan on making ourselves a very difficult act to follow (if we don't luck out with the draw).
James: What was your favourite moment during your show in the Best In Vancouver competition? C.S: You know that exact moment where you realize that the whole venue is locked in and paying 100% attention to your band on stage? That one.
James: What is your favourite aspect about winning the Best In Vancouver? C.S We've hardly won anything yet, but for us in the band who basically breathe, eat and sh*t music, the recognition from fans, friends and colleagues alike is an amazing feeling.
Don't miss the finals on Nov 21st at Studio Records. Details HERE.

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