Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Get Your Bones Ready For The Rebellion

Earlier this week, we interviewed Bone State Rebellion about their new EP. We managed to get an early release of their EP and have had it on repeat ever since!

The first track "War In Me" starts off with this gritty bass line that just demands your attention. Your mind enters a post apocalyptic world as the vocals fill your ears. Their words creep into your brain as your mind wanders through the wasteland. When the chorus hits, the sound is just mesmerizing. This track reminds me of a mix of Fu Manchu and Mastodon. A deadly combination of heavy riffs, dynamic vocals and thick drums. Matt Di Pomponio did a fantastic job at making this mix heavy but also radio ready. Not too heavy for the Fox, but still fantastically dirty. The band sounds like they have been playing these songs for decades. Everything just flows and the song is never static for too long, but not too progressive. This song will be perfect for finishing up a great night's set.

"The Road Less Travelled" is just a smash, all around. Huge thick riff that instantly gets you headbanging. The calm and collected vocals just float over the chaos below. Reminiscent of Soundgarden's "Jesus Christ Pose", the vocals have a very Chris Cornell sound. The drums are just a monster of sound devouring your ears as they relentlessly beat your ear drums. Both the guitar and bass are locked into this huge heavy riff that reminds you of why you love rock music in the first place. After brief bridge, a space age solo comes on through, bringing it back to the desert rock feel of the previous track. I would love to see this song has as much energy live as it does on the record. This is rock and roll.

Overall the two song EP sounds great, Matt did a great job in the studio, the band really put their best foot forward with this EP. I hope they do a killer video for BOTH tracks and start shopping around to labels and get out there on the road! Bone State Rebellion has what it takes to be the next big Vancouver band based on their sound alone. So go check out their EP release show and see them live! Support the band by buying the EP, trust me, its worth it.

Check out Bone State Rebellion's Facebook page HERE.
Check out the event page for the EP release HERE.

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