Saturday, March 11, 2017

Make History Talent Search - The Nursery

Toronto favorites, The Nursery, is bringing their eargasmic tunes to the world.  We spoke to the band about their thoughts on the Jim Beam Make History Talent Search.

Hammer Records: When you think of Jim Beam, what comes to mind? Any crazy Jim Beam stories?
The Nursery: At first, I think hmm...'Jim Beam', must be some cosmic cowboy with a raygun. Jimmy Beam! Quickest scoundrel on this side of the galaxy. But this Jim, he's different. He came from southern Kentucky, made some bourbon, and wants you to know about it.

Hammer Records: What do you think of battle of the band competitions? Do they help or hinder the local music scene?
The Nursery: Competitions set up precedents for a winner and loser. It's not productive to essentially name artists as "losers" in a purely subjective field. However, I feel healthy competition does often inspire more grit and determination to rise up to a challenge, wherein handouts from friends or peers don't encourage anything. We rather be challenged to better and prove ourselves rather than rest on laurels of unconditional support. Competitions need to be on top of how they are run and made sure they are inspiring hard work and not running a glorified popularity contest.

Hammer Records: What do you think makes the Toronto music scene different and stand out compared to the rest of Canada?
The Nursery: Toronto has probably the most culturally diverse community of performers. Where else can you find singer-songwriters, hip-hop voices, folk artists, rock bands, punks, metal musicians and DJ's performing within blocks from each other? It's a melting pot of genres, experiments, and ideas.

Hammer Records: If you could send a message to the judges, what would it be?
The Nursery: Cultivate and spot truly unique talent when you can. You're the seasoned industry vet right? We all need authenticity more than ever right now. Don't make it a popularity contest or make a decision based off a trending flavor of the month (or year). You know better. Take a risk. Discover the new Bjork, Bowie or Cobain. Not the ones who emulate them. They'll be the kids who are a little rougher around the edges. Who didn't rehearse every word and movement. There's so much locked up inside them they often don't know how to wield their powers. They need your guidance and vision!

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