Saturday, April 1, 2017

So Long Ago - Disraeli Dreamers

Disraeli Dreamers are filling your head with their dreams of reaching stardom. Coming from Winnipeg, this band brings a unique fusion of rock, folk and a hint of country in their music.

Their newest single "So Long Ago" starts off with this fiery acoustic that quickly builds into a rumbling monstrous wave of sound that envelops you. The thick drums really get your feet grooving as that epic sounding snare sound pounds away. The thick bass riding below adding to the fire of the track. The acoustic guitar just twanging away perfectly mixed just to add a little more bite to the track as the vocals sit above, a little buried by the track. I would have liked to hear the vocals a little hotter in the mix as I loose some of the definitions of the words at times and have to strain my ears to understand the phrases. The lead guitar adds some great counter melodies until taking the lead and giving a fantastic solo.

This track reminds me of an encore song, something the band would play at the end of a fantastic show to close off the night. The ending could just be extended allowing the hordes of crazy fans to keep dancing until the band saw fit to finally end the song. The catchy vocal hook at the end will have you singing along with the band until your voice is sore and still be stuck in your head days later!

Check out the track and support the band by buying the track and sharing it with your friends!
Check out the bands Facebook page HERE and the bands website HERE.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Silence The Swamps

It came from the swamp... well in this case Possum Pocket, Alabama. Well truthfully, it actually came from Alberta, Canada. Now residing in Calgary, Silence The Swamps consists of three high school mates creating this swamp water mix of punk, grunge, and surf. They just released their debut album and are proud that each members influences are equally represented in the album.

The album opens with "White Space" which you hear the good old swamp from Possum Pocket. Then the swell of a dirty guitar leads you into this classic punk bass and drum groove. Reminding of of classic old school Offspring slightly with the chorus hook. The dirty guitar nicely in the background leaving ample room for the vocals to take the forefront even though a nice reverb gives the singer a New York Punk sound. The track gets you ready to enter the murky waters of Silence The Swamps.

"Matlock Malfunction" brings a pop punk feel in the beginning with a very Blink 182 sound but quickly dives into a very dirty punk riff that adds a great dynamic between parts. I can just see the crowd go wild when that busts out. Taking another turn for a short bridge a surprisingly catchy hooky vocal comes along. Love isn't always dead will be stuck in your head for hours. Ending the song with returning to that fast punky riff just seems like perfection.

The heat gets turned up for track number 3 titled "Private Reaper". this Horror Punk track channels this great energy that just makes you want to crank the volume up on your speakers! The thick bass really drives the whole song and gets your head banging and feet moving! This track would be killer to see live! The sheer raw energy captured in this track adds a whole new dimension to this album.

"Nightmare Sequence" keeps up the energy by turning up the tempo! The drums are mixed thicker and have more edge to them for this track that really brings up the ferocity of the track. Some nice dynamics keep this track fresh and catchy vocal hooks will have you singing along in no time. The first guitar solo of the album is also featured in this track and in true punk style it has its own unique "I don't give a fuck" feel. The drums are just blasting away and have such a nice bite that really shows off the drummers skill, they really carry the whole track.

"Problems In My Head" starts with a huge in your face guitar riff that sets the tone for this track. The vocals have almost a desert rock feel to them that brings out this new sound with more bite. Once again the chorus has this skate rock anthem feel that could be on any skate video or played at any stadium arena. The 2nd guitar solo has a very surf rock vibe that fits so perfectly. If any song was going to hit the radio, this track would be eaten up by fans of Pennywise, Bad Religion, The Clash and any fan of just good music.

The sixth track, "Bok Choy" has more of an underground feel than the previous track. Reminding me of Smashing Pumpkins, this track has a more music festival vibe than stadium arena vibe. Sounding more like the punk band you would see while waiting for the band you bought tickets for, but instantly fall in love with the band and go buy all their albums. This is the kind of track that is played in all the college bars. At the end of the movie "Euro-Trip" or just played in your walk-man while your laying on the bed at your parents place contemplating life.

"Floyd The Barber" really blows the hairs right off your head! Bringing the dirty grunge out, this track has more distortion and such a darker feel than the other tracks on the album. This would be the climax of the set, having the whole crowd just going nuts as the band blasted this tune, amps turned up to 11. Its a shame its one of the shortest tracks on the album, but I could see the band playing an extended version of this track at shows just allowing the crowd more time for moshing!

The final track "Skulls" is actually the shortest song on the album. Bringing back the classic sound of this album, this track really sums up the album nicely by its catchy vocal hooks, tight crispy drums, thicker than molasses bass and thick and rich dirty guitar. This album is a great summer album, stick it in the car when your going on a road trip or even driving to the supermarket. Put it on at a party and watch as everyone just instantly starts bobbing their heads. As I'm reviewing this album, even my 3 year old son is dancing in the background to this final track. Do yourself a favor and grab this album for your iTunes collection.

Check out their Facebook page here:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Download CRNSHFT's New Single For FREE!

 Vancouver, BC’s CRNKSHFT will be unleashing their new self-titled EP produced by Daren Grahn (Metallica, Hedley, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) on March 24, 2017 to follow their 2015 debut ‘Hard Fucking Rock’.  Since the band’s formation in 2015, CRNKSHFT’s engine has been firing on all cylinders setting their scene ablaze with their explosive, drop tune aggression with melody at its core.  They pride themselves on writing raw, emotional music and when they perform with zero fucks given, what you see is what you get…a leave it all on stage attitude that gets fans fists pumping, head banging and singing along to the band’s anthemic melodies. The band has already been tapped as local support for such touring bands as Prong, Grim Reaper, and The Veer Union.

“We’re not a band that’s going to give you stage props and fake blood and shit, we’re going to give you an emotional rollercoaster, it’s not just straight metal or straight rock, it's a mixer of everything in between, the songs have tonnes of dynamic, and we push for people to get caught up in it.”

Influenced by bands like Alice In Chains, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera and Godsmack, CRNKSHFT have carved out a sound in the vein of Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Alter Bridge plus Black Stone Cherry and are ready to shift gear to full speed.

Teaming up with, CRNKSHFT have some 'Bad Habits' to brush off onto fans with an exclusive FREE download of their second single at the following link:

CRNKSHFT is also streaming their first single 'Systematic', which has already won ‘Best Metal Song’ by the Academia Awards Academy in Los Angeles, demonstrating the band's punishing high octane sound is ready to win over the masses. Listen at 

The wrecking crew comments on the forthcoming EP:

“Our new EP is a beast; we are really excited to showcase our melodic side. The four songs should touch a wide demographic of fans, which is what we want. We aren’t looking to be defined as just a heavy metal band, but as a hard knocking punch to get anyone going. We're accepted by all those who listen to metal and rock. The whole idea of CRNKSHFT’s music is that we’ll be enjoyed by fans across a variety of genres.”

Vocalist Shane Jolie adds about the lyrics:
“This EP is pseudo political, but also has songs about heartache and emotions, it’s not a story from start to finish, and each song has its own message. It’s an EP to show the world who we are and what we’re all about. My writing is dark, ideas came from depression and anger, sometimes when I’m happy, but mostly not and it’s still very true to this day. I want people to take whatever they can from the listening experience of our new EP. Music always helped me out of my funks and I want CRNKSHFT to do the same. Let it be accessible to all people and all feelings.”
Mark it down on your calendar; there is no stopping the CRNKSHFT freight train. Their self-titled EP will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify and all major online retailers as of March 24, 2017.

For those in the Vancouver area, CRNKSHFT will be hosting their local CD release show at Hindenburg on March 25th with support from 
Bone State Rebellion, 2 Shadows and Porcelain Sky. Full details can be found here.

Callum Stewart's Music Video For "The Dam" Is OUT!

  Callum Stewart has unveiled the video for his new single ‘The Dam’, out now through Hope & Fury Records. The video premiered with Wonderland who described Callum as a, “Northern Irish heartthrob… we are sure there will be many more hearts in for the melting.”

The video follows a couple's beautiful love story, capturing its stunning highs and lows, soundtracked by the pristine alt-pop and voice of the Northern Irish singer.

Co-written with Jez Ashurst (Gabrielle Aplin, Lawson) and Emma Rohan (James Arthur, Little Mix), ‘The Dam’ follows the breakout success of his single ‘Parachute’ last year, which has clocked up over half a MILLION plays on Spotify.

Regarding ‘The Dam’ and its video, Callum says, “I wanted to convey the desperation in the song visually, representing the optimism and promise in the lyrics. ‘The Dam’ is a song about holding on in the midst of chaos, a song of restoration and hope. Two amazing actors and an incredible team helped bring the video to life, and I hope people love it as much as I do.”

Raised on the North coast of Ireland, Callum picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and within a year was writing his own songs. Now he has blossomed from a bedroom singer/songwriter into one of the hottest voices coming from Ireland today. He’s been tipped as a ‘One To Watch’ for 2017 by Hot Press and made the playlists of Irish radio across the country.

Callum has been announced as support for X&Y at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on March 21st, and will also play in support of Leah McFall at Brighton’s Komedia on April 16th and Seafret on May 2nd at Bush Hall, London.

“Irish newcomer set to soar… ‘The Dam’ is a mature, reflective work, with melancholic ache that lingers long after the final notes”

Jerry Williams Releases Music Video for "I'm Not In Love With You"

Watch Here


“Adroitly executed by a young woman who ‘would happily write songs all day, everyday, forever’. No complaints here if they’re all of this standard.” – The Guardian

“…a carefully-crafted, expertly-produced expression of emotion – something that Jerry Williams has perfected the art of” – Wonderland
21-year-old UK indie-pop artist Jerry Williams has revealed the video for her brand new track ‘I’m Not In Love With You’, taken from her latest EP Let’s Just Forget It, which is out now.
Jerry says of both the song and the video, “'I'm Not In Love With You' is about falling completely out of 'love' with someone and realising you weren't a match made in heaven. The video shows this in a house party setting, similar to the night it was written about, where we're having a good time with friends and sharing mutual feelings of not seeing each other that way anymore.”
With strong worldwide backing from Spotify, who have just added 'I'm Not In Love With You' to the UK's New Music Friday playlist today, Jerry has accrued over 5 million combined streams. As well as BBC Radio 1 spot plays from Huw Stephens, sold out headline shows in both London and Portsmouth, and being tipped as one of The Box TV’s & BT Music’s ‘Ones To Watch’ alongside Declan McKenna, RAYE and Tom Grennan, 2017 is shaping up to be a real breakthrough year for the Portsmouth artist.
As well as ‘I’m Not In Love With You’, her latest EP Let’s Just Forget It, which recently won Best Produced EP at the 2016 Unsigned Music Awards, features five stunning indie pop tracks including Jerry’s previous three singles ‘Mother’, ‘Let’s Just Forget It’ & ‘Velcro’, plus her cover of The Cure’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. Listen to the EP in full HERE.
She also recently recorded a session for VEVO DSCVR, which can be watched HERE and which has already surpassed 100,000 views.
After selling out her biggest headline show to date earlier this month, at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, Jerry is set to headline in the capital at The Waiting Rooms on March 28th, which could well be the last opportunity to catch her in such an intimate setting.
“The Portsmouth teen is dedicated to perfection and she’s close to the mark. This isn’t just another instance of overblown bubble-gum pop, Jerry Williams is the music-fan’s pop star” - Gigwise

“There's a sweetness to her delivery that belies that often personal nature of her lyrics, a
song writing style that cuts a little deeper”
 – Clash


Ganglyon @ Pat's Pub

Walking into Pats Pub with a charge of remember-able riffage from Trollband on the previous weekend, I was curious for another band I had yet to see. 3 peice and front man odd ball death metal band? Or are they tech-deth? Hmm... Wait... There's a, a stand up bass? OK deth-abilly? Right away you heard the thunderous thumping of their stand up bass, complimenting the huge machine gun double kicks, piercing your chest deep. Their guitarist, a mere virtuoso, whipping out brilliant sweep picking patterns similar to those of Dying Fetus or Archspire. Along with brain melting sweeps, Ganglyon thoroughly melds their set together with brilliant grooves, deadly mini break downs, and ripping blast beats making for exciting fun songs too drink beer and head bang to. Ending a seemingly short set, I was left craving more of what Ganglyon produces. 

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next Ganglyon show and recorded material. I give Ganglyon 6/10 hammers. 
Thanks for reading another Severvancity review and see you at the next show \m/

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Racket

Hailing from Bulkley Valley, BC, The Racket formed with the goal of making music that will get your feet moving. Having such a dynamic sound that will get festival crowds dancing as well as losing yourself deep in thought in an intimate coffee shop setting. With their newest self-titled release they aim to push their sound all across the world for new fans to listen to.

The album opens up with "Drunk", already you can hear the musicianship just flow through you giving you chills. The track opens up with a lone guitar palm muting while the vocals come and join. I'm already transported to a concert at the Commodore Ballroom or even Rodgers Arena. Hints of bass start seeping in until finally the reveal of the full band as they enter with this thick groove that gets your head bobbing. The vocal line is already so catchy that I'll be humming it long after this review. Once the main chorus hits your hooked, this is your new favorite band as waves of pure talent sweep over you. You keep thinking no way this opening track can not get any more epic, but then surely it moves on to the next part and outdoes it self. If this is a sample of what to come, then I am very excited!

The next track "Everybody Knows" picks up right where the last track leaves off. Giving you more of a pop indie feel right off the bat. Then suddenly a female vocal joins in out of no way, twinning the already doubled main vocal. Both so tight on their phrases that it almost sounds like they were machines. Every time you expect the vocals to do something predictable, they take your expectations and throw them out the window! The drums are so fantastic about adding the little rhythmic ear candies for you to hear. The thick bass covers the low end so well adding so much dynamics and drama that you barely notice your feet tapping without you even thinking about it. The final groove section hammers that guitar riff into your head and I could see in a live setting, just jamming on that riff letting the crowd dance away until finally ending it with the final vocal phrase "Everybody Knows". Perfection.

"Fortune" starts off with such a bluesy riff that you know this track will just be covered in swagger. This shows how cool these cats are by their ability to rock such a common groove in their own way. Then all of a sudden voices of angels change things up, some fantastic harmonies bring back the theatrics element that I am growing to love with this album. All before busting back into that thick bluesy groove established at the beginning. Being one of the shorter tracks of the album its over before you know it, but that just means you want to click back on your phone and hear it again!

"Underwater" is a track all about tension. Already right from the start, the guitar seems rushed, not badly, but just pushing the beat, creating his own sense of tension. Then when the vocals come in, tight short phrases start getting your blood pressure rising. The drums have this great shuffle going that fits so perfectly. The dramatic breaks are fantastic, letting the vocals sing out. Such vocal control and allowing all the emotion to just burst out. This track really shows a whole other side to this band. Showing the tenacity as a band and talent for such word play from the singer. The whole song just paints a beautiful yet dark picture. Near the end I kept hearing some organ in the track in my head, but that's just the producer in me speaking.

As I said in the beginning, this band prides themselves on the ability to adapt to all venues. "This Train" is one of those tracks, could be perfectly suited for a coffee shop with an acoustic, microphone and a cal-hone. Or it could be on a huge arena stage sounding like Mumford and Sons but just a three piece. Once again, the musicianship is just masterful and allows the lyrics to just sing this beautiful message straight into our brains. This album is more than just music, its an experience. Each track bringing something new.

"Spanish Dancer", number 6 on their album brings things up again. Lets get those feet moving again! The bubbly uplifting bass and drums really make your heart rise. The chorus allows the vocalist to shine again just before it jumps back into the bubbly happy groove. This track is just an all around feel good track. Happy scratchy guitar, thick bouncing bass and light grooving drums all tied together with some fantastic vocals.

Now being more than halfway done the album, "Flow"enters the mix and brings us to a very whimsical land. Some space filled guitar and deep thinking vocals swarm all around you. A nice thick acoustic guitar sits back behind the mix as well. Having a very jazzy feel to the track makes it stand out on its own. I wish the vocals had a little more depth to them, a bit more reverb or effects so that they also sat in the more spaced out feel rather than be completely up front. They sound great, specially when the bass finally joins near the end of the track. Playing around with different grooves really carries on the jazzy feel to this entire track as it keeps your head bobbing but always unsure of what is coming.

"Chapel" starts with one of my favorite chord progressions but with a few twists on it. Once again a scratchy guitar riff lays down the fundamental groovy feel while the bass and drums come in and add almost a disco feel to the track. I had wished there would be some delay on the lead vocals allowing them to also add to the groove. But as the track progresses, it becomes apparent that this is a guitar heavy track that sounds like a blast to perform live with some great instrumental parts. Really allowing the guitar to breathe and showcase all of its hard work.

"The Ballad Of Micky Flinn" introduces a whole new sound. A piano and organ giving this track a dark jazzy blues feel to the track. The super thick organ lays down some serious grooves as we get a bouncy piano on top adding even more bounce to the track. All the instruments though just set the stage for the lyrics. A tale of Micky Flinn, I won't say anymore than that!

"Petty Crimes" is a fast paced folk track. A fantastic accordion keeps your toes tapping. Reminding me of the track "Rasputin". This one would be a blast to do some swing dancing too! Once again I could see getting a whole crowd of music festival goers  dancing away! Production wise it seems more like a fill track than anything. Stacking this track next to some of the earlier tracks it sounds more like an idea than a fully flushed out track. The drums sound more in the background than other tracks. But I love the idea of seeing an accordion up on stage!

"Ball of Evil" almost has a Vogville old school kind of feel, some fantastic writing though. At times reminds me of a couple Jonas Brothers track actually. It has a very Disney feel or musical. Like its a feature piece in a film. It even has a "dance break" where the piano lays down some fantastic licks but I could see two main characters doing some tap style dancing. The ending of the track has this all too catchy chant which will have you singing it for days!

The final track "Build Your Tower High" finishes the album off on a upbeat inspirational note. This great folk tune brings all the theatrical and dynamic pieces from before added with some stellar lyrics really sums up this album. The whole album took you on this roller coaster of a ride but ends with this beautiful message of hope and beauty. I could hear on the radio TODAY and be a huge hit. This is a great cross between folk, country and pop that is both catchy but progressive. Truly a great finish to a fantastic record.

To learn more about "The Racket" vist their Facebook page and links below: