Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A familiar Sound

This headlining band has been featured a lot in this website it just shows they are really active within the scene and always bring a great crowd. With some fantastic bands on the bill as well this night was a pleasure to attend!

Sadly i missed the first band The Pernell Reichert Band but did catch Familia. Ive been a big fan of this when i first heard their songs on myspace. I was not dissapointed. Solid set.

Up next was Weathered Home. I didnt catch a lot of their set due to catching up with an old professor of mine but what i did hear was some very melodic and grooving tunes. Love their sound and will definitly be checking them out when i can pay full attention.

To finish off the night at 1:00am was Free City Collective. Proving that no matter how late, if your a great band your fans will take the nightbus home just to listen to you. Everyone gathered up front to hear this band roar. As usual they blew the lid off the place as their sounds took over the air. Check out their new music video. And this video from the night!

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