Monday, July 11, 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around -

What goes around, comes around. Sound familiar? That would be because everyone and their dogs have heard of, or recognize, the word Karma. So, naturally, local artist Kristen Karma shares the same fate! This young pop/rock artist has a strong following both on Facebook, with 2223 likes, and on Twitter, with 839 followers! (I WISH I had a crazy fan group like that! Wow.)  Some of Karma's musical influences, such as Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and the Veronicas, really shine through on her debut 6-song EP, "Destination Unknown."

The first track on the EP is titled, "The Best In Me." Though it's not the best song on the album, it has cute pop vocals, a tight backtrack, and simple but catchy lyrics and melody. The second track is "Bustin' Out." There are strong keys/synths, mixed well with various other instruments to create a great, fun track to dance too. The topic of the song is very relatable, which is something that hooks in the listeners. Though I must say, while all the right ideas are there instrumentally, the vocals need more edge. They're just a tad too soft sounding. Almost like Hilary Duff singing along to an Avril Lavigne track. Not to say it sounds bad in the least, I like it for sure, it would just be that much better with some edge!

The third track is BY FAR the favourite on the EP here at Hammer Records. It's titled, "Maybe Someday." This song has such passion, all the right edge, great emotion, a strong beat, and great vocal effects all throughout - though especially in the chorus! The use of "gang vocals" really adds to the overall sound as well. I really envision this song on a teen-movie soundtrack. It just sounds so sick!!! A definite must-listen!

The fourth track is "Breakaway." Not to be confused with the Kelly Clarkson song, this one has more of a Daughtry vibe. The lyrics are right to the point, which really delivers the message of the song, and there's a nice showcasing of the guitar in the "breakdown" between vocals. There's not much else to say about this track except, again, I can see this being on a movie soundtrack.

The fifth track, titled, "Something More," isn't really giving us all that much more to listen to. A great track, but not as strong as the other five on the album. The gang vocals weren't as strong as in previous songs, and the sound wasn't "as there" over all. Lyrically though, it's fantastic. I really dug the lyrics.

Now, the last song! It is conveniently called, "Goodbye." I wonder if it was placed at the end for that reason? Regardless, it's clever. This song has cute lyrics, and a really strong chorus all around. The soft vocal work works really well in the verses, and there are some fantastic vocal runs throughout the song. It's a strong ending to a fun, dance-y album. One everyone should get there hands on! If not, you never know when karma will come around and get ya!

Also, make sure to check out her Facebook page ( for news on her brand-new youtube channel coming out, with an intro shot and edited by Hammer Records' own James Weekes! As well as an on-the-spot interview done by, well, by me - and of course her upcoming show at the Roxy on Granville street, August 3rd, with special guests, Before Helen.
(Kristen Karma with special guests, Before Helen!)

Until next time. RAWKON.
Get hammered!

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