Thursday, September 15, 2011

Whats Your Zeitgeist?

September 11th is a big day in our history; one no one will ever forget, or should ever forget. This year was the 10th anniversary, and Hammer and I took to one of the many events that occurred to join in on the awareness of those we lost, and those we saved. Zeitgiest festival was being held downtown Vancouver at the Art Gallery - and let me just say, it was a great day out in the sun! The weather was beautiful, there were lots of people, and the music was phenomenal. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to see every band or speaker, but those we did see (Gentle Infidels, Green Tree, Childsplay, Ready Set Die, and Gentleman Prefer Blondes) rocked it.

The Gentle Infidels are an amazing acoustic act. A mixture of folk, rock, and metal influences. A very dark haunting timbre to their music captures your ear instantly. An acoustic bass maned by Ferdy Belland who is a bass legend, guitar by Edwin whose unique vocals flow into your ear drums, and finally finished off by cellist Christina Rzepa who wields the brown beast. Go buy their album, its amazing. We have a live video coming out soon! Check them out on Facebook!

Green Tree has been featured on Hammer Records a few times and we've loved seeing them grow and develop as a band. They played superbly, tight, energetic, and sounded great. A few off harmonies at points but amazing emotion in every song. Such a personable band that connects with their fans and audience. We have a live DVD in the works with them at the moment and will be released shortly! Check out this growing young band on Facebook!

Hammer had to leave for work at the studio, so I was left to cover the rest of the bands and enjoy the festivities and presentations. The first band I caught was Childsplay. I'd heard good things about this band, but had yet to see them live. They brought forth a great Punk-Rock sound, and a lot of energy! I'd love to see them play a full set sometime soon. These guys are definitely worth checking out! Check out and like them on Facebook!

The next band to hit the stage was Ready Set Die. This band simply kicks ass. The female vocalist/guitarist had amazing stage presence and attitude while performing; As did the bassist and drummer, who worked well filling out their indie-pop-punk sound. I saw a lot of heads bobbing and feet tapping while they played. Though, something different happened during their set! About halfway through, at 4:20 pm, a guest speaker at the Zeitgeist festival came up and did a speech about marijuana, sang "Oh Cannabis" acapella, then exited the stage, leaving Ready Set Die to continue rocking out. It was quite an experience. Check out and like them on Facebook!

The final band that evening, headlining the whole event, was Fox Seeds 2011 Top Three Finalist, Gentleman Prefer Blondes! I was really excited to see their set, and they did not disappoint. Every member of the band brought forth their 'A'-Game, and did what they do best - ROCK OUT! From the front man alone, there was so much energy coming off that stage, let alone adding the rest of the guys! I saw every person in the audience either moving to the music, or standing and cheering them on. Towards the end of their set, the band brought out a poster of guitarist, Chris, lying down shirtless to giveaway to whomever rocked out the hardest - and let's just say every lady, single or not, was up near that stage with arms out-stretched! Over all, this band is fantastic and have a great sound that everyone would enjoy. I'd recommend checking out their music, and liking their page asap. This band is gonna make it big! Facebook Page!

Roxy and Hammer Signing Off!

Bands, contact us if you wish to get the rest of the photos 

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