Friday, October 14, 2011

You've Been Fubar'ed

Last night Hammer and I were lucky enough to be invited down to Venue on the Granville Street Strip, to check out a commentary by Deaner himself during Fubar 2, then two fantastic performances by a band called MONSTER TRUCK, and Deaner's band NIGHTSEEKER. The whole shebang just blew my mind! I think Vancouver bands could honestly learn a thing or two about performing from these guys! 

Having seen both Fubar 1, and Fubar 2, watching the movie and listening to Deaner's commentary was just downright hilarious! The whole place was packed full of hardcore Fubar/Nightseeker fans, hootin, hollering, and laughing outrageously along with him. There were women in denim jackets, men sporting mullets and flannel, and a beer in everyone's hands! It was like being a part of the film. Definitely something worth remembering!

Monster Truck hit the stage promptly after the movie, and took it by storm! Man those guys can rock. They had strong hooks, lavish instrumentation, and great lyrical melodies. They moved extremely well on stage, had great chemistry with the audience, and had so much energy, stage presence, and skill it was near-mindblowing. They have a new album dropping on October 18th (which will be reviewed here on Hammer Records shortly) which I'd reccommend everyone to check out. It definitely kicks some ass! They will also be back in Vancouver soon - so make sure to like them on FACEBOOK to keep up to date!

NIGHTSEEKER came on stage in a foggy haze. All the members were there, minus Deaner... who crept up in the fog sporting an enclosed cape and a Darth Vader mask! It was a very neat way to start the show, and really captured the audience's attention. After the first song, the drums broke, for simply "Given 'er too hard" said Deaner. They filled in the time fixing the kit by introducing all the band members. Very clever and effective! They quickly jumped into the rest of their set, complete with multiple crowd sufings from the energetic and slightly intoxicated front man/bass player - until the next malfunction! One of the guitarists' amps blew from, again, Given 'er too hard. Though thankfully, all was worked out, and the show went on! Each member of the band really knew how to play well, while giving an amazing, fun, performance to their fans. I really didn't know what to expect of the vocals, but they were strong, and almost flawless! A perfect rock/metal type voice. To end the night, Nightseeker threw out an AMAZING cover of "Run To The Hills." Every person in the venue cheered, sang, and danced/moshed along on the floor. It was a wicked show. One I would definitely go see again in a heartbeat! Make sure to go like and check them out on FACEBOOK for more of their tunes, and tour dates!

Keep Rockin!

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