Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Starlight Spectacle

October 30th, 2011 shall always be a night to remember for us at Hammer Records! Hammer, a friend of ours, and I traveled down to Joseph Richard Nightclub on Granville for the Judas Priest/ Lady Starlight after party, courtesy of our friends, and my favourite local band, Cruel Young Heart, who played a fantastic set that night. It was an evening of many acts and interesting spectacles. There was a solo singer, a drag performance, a fashion show, painters, two bands, and Lady Starlight herself spinning later in the night.

The first two acts were kept short with one song each. I didn’t catch the names of either performer, but they both had a lot of stage presence and confidence, let alone vocal talent.

Next up was, none other than, CRUEL YOUNG HEART! They started off their set with their single, Nighttime Glow – which got the crowd of bystanders moving their hips to the catchy tune. They played another song, and then invited Kaylee Johnston, a very talented vocalist, up on stage for a cover of a Scissor Sisters’ song. It was a very cool twist to their set list! After another song, they announced they’d be right back, and sure enough, came back a few minutes later sporting new flashy costumes, and epic sunglasses! The rest of their set sounded tight, they worked the stage like true professionals, and pleased everyone in the venue. Keep your eyes and ears out for these guys – they’re going far! Check out their FACEBOOK for music, tour dates, etc!

As the next band was setting up, a fashion show took place! The line was by Tush Designs, made for Lady Starlight & GaGa by Roberta Cheema. The show was put together by Nancy Perreault, with help from Harriet Vianello and her make-up team Moaning Lisa Larinnie and Dani Barnes. Very cool and creative designs! I would certainly sport those given the chance.

I, Braineater then took the stage! This band had a very well put together sound, and tons of energy! The front man really knew how to work the stage, surrounding area, and the crowd! At one point he came over to where Lady Starlight, our friend Alex, and I were rocking out together, and pulled Lady Starlight close, and they rocked out like old friends. It was a very cool sight! Over all they had a really great sound and very out-of-this-world stage presence.

The last spectacle of the night was Lady Gaga’s best friend, Lady Starlight, spinning! Having chatted with her earlier in the night for a while, and a few times throughout the evening, we got to know she’s a really cool chick, and really easy to talk to! Seeing her up on the turntables was quite an honour. She has an amazing personality, and a lot of talent! If you can, check her out on tour with Judas Priest, or on stage with Lady Gaga!

As I said above, this was definitely a night to remember for us! Great people, great performances, great music. A lot of new connections were made, and old ones made stronger.

For more pictures and videos from the night, email HammerRecords@hotmail.ca

Keep Rockin’!

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