Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey all you music lovers! Sorry for the lack of content in the last couple of months. We here at Hammer Records have been pushing higher and higher and working harder to bring you bigger and better stuff!

First off we have a new website coming! www.hammerrecords.ca will be official sometime mid January. This will include a list of all our services along with samples. Will also showcase our artists signed under our label. We will be unveiling their names and music soon enough. All 3 are currently in preproduciton for albums to be recorded later this January. Music and live shows coming soon!

Also, music video for Albion Morina for his single "Love Me". Filming commences the first two weekends of January.

Along with that our usual album reviews, live photos, live videos are all coming as fast as we can work on them! Working with a published Author doing an audio book for his book "Don't Read This, Unless You Want More Money!" So lots of things are in the works!

Stay tuned for lots more! Bigger, badder, better!

Hammer Records

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