Saturday, February 11, 2012

Supporting The Scene!

Roxy and I are out almost nightly trying to go see new bands, old bands, new venues, fundraisers, open mics and everything to do with Vancouver music. Tonight we hit two venues, Mad Hatters, a new underground venue, as well as Tunnel Nightclub for a new Friday live music night. Saw some old friends and a sick sounding band!

Mad Hatters is located near Main St sky train station. But just out of the way enough that it takes a fan of the bands to go venture to this location. It took us 20 minutes to find the place but after seeing the bouncer outside smoking we finally climbed the stairs to see what was in store. Stoned Moses was already well into their set and the whole room was dancing and jiving. Instead of the conventional way of going down a set list, Stoned Moses just jams and plays what ever pops into their head at the moment, and if it leads into one of their super catchy songs then so be it!

So after leaving we rushed over to Tunnel Nightclub, which has givens Fridays over to Magnetized Productions who started Friday Rock! This is vital to Vancouver. Please go check it out one Friday night! Go support local music! Go see a new band, go just for the heck of it! and with 9.95 for TWO Canadian beers... can't go wrong! Tonight it was Azimyth and Stealing Eden. The Headliner Ten Ways had to back out due to injury, but it was a great night none the less! We just caught the end of Stealing Eden and was blown away. Super tight professional sounding, great stage presence, amazing voice, shredding guitar, pounding bass, phat drums... classic modern rock.

Also to top it all off was an amazing cover band after Stealing Eden! Under The Covers plays modern, hard, and classic rock to end the night on a pleasing note! No top 40 here!

Great night for us! But go forth and conqueror! Go see new music, and if your at a show with your favorite band... show some enthusiasm! go nuts! dance, headbang, do what you will but do it loud and proud! Just a little rant from me!

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