Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fight For The Top!

Vancouver is full of music competitions. The Fox Seeds just wrapped up their second stage, The Cellar is holding a "Voice Of The Cellar" and Y57 Media is holding a battle of the bands! Be sure to check out our coverage of the Vancouver Seeds Week 1 and week 2 review is coming up.

The top 10 bands have been chosen for the Y57 Battle Of The Bands 2012. Go and listen to each band and vote! Only 5 of the 10 bands will advance to the finals to play at the Rio Theatre on August 30th. You still have 8 days to vote until the 15th so go and choose your favourite!

They have a page to see the bio on each band to learn more about them and tracks to listen to. So go and check it out and make an informed decision!

Quick list of bands:
Terra Nova Bay
Young Pacific
Sam Alviar
Magic Pixie Dream Girls
The Friends
Shai Mate
The Cut Losses

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