Monday, March 4, 2013

Get Ready To Lift Off!

So it's been a while since we've written a show review! We've been super busy with our two signed artists Rayne and Solo D. We went to Joe's Apartment to check out our long time friends Lift Off before they head down to Texas for a bit. But there were a few other bands on the bill, some we knew and some we didn't!

Warming up the night was Erik Gman who played a set of acoustic songs aided by an enthusiastic bongo player! Eriks voice cut through the mix clearly but the bongos were quite bassy in the mix and sounded more like a rumble than percussion. Overall a good sound and some solid tunes! Check him out next time hes playing.

Up next was The Phantom Life which is a new band on the scene! It was their first show and they played great, obviously all the members were no strangers to the stage as they strutted their punk rock flavoured tunes. A great crunch sound to the guitar and huge drums let the thick bass lines ring through and create a massive sound. I think after some more shows and some tightening up of some song structures this band could rock some serious socks!

We've heard the name Danha once before but seeing them live was a real treat. A well talented group of musicians they played a fantastic set. Great songs, amazing guitar work and great showman ship. Every element fit like pieces of a mystical puzzle. Some of the less radio friendly songs hit my heart strings a little more than their current hit. But thats just my personal opinion  Congrats to the band for hitting number #1 in the independent music charts in the NYC-LA area. Danny's voice is great and his high notes cut through the chorus lines with ease. Andrew's guitar solos remind me of a mix of Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai. Dan's bass lines and their new drummer laid down the perfect foundation for the rest of the band to stand on. We will definitely be checking them out again!

Ending the night was Lift Off, after having a whirlwind of success and their own movie on the silver screen and on tv, they rocked the stage like it was their god given right. We've kept tabs on Lift Off ever since we first saw them years ago. I think I've said this every time we review them, but they just keep blowing us away. I think they have finally crafted a sound that fits their image. The guitars were perfect volume and crunch, the bass and drums were clear and enormous. Carmon's vocals have never sounded better. Adding some grit into the mix he has found his rock star voice. We can't praise this band enough because they prove everything we say to other bands. Great sound + great stage performance + little bit of magic = great show!

Overall a great night, glad to see a bunch of friends and other industry folk!


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