Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pigeon Park Releasing New Album!

Hammer Records have had our eye on these boys for a while now. Watching them grow and "spread their wings" and right now they are flying! Playing the main stage on 420, getting featured on Tv, and now a brand new album coming from this Coquitlam rockers. Get Stoked.

Pigeon Park has been steadily rocking the scene for a few years now and are finally getting their due. If you have ever seen them live then you will know the amount of sweat, tears.. well umm.. mostly just sweat that goes into every live performance! They're recordings have improved with each album, coming ever closer to fully capturing their rock and roll essence. Take a look at their latest single "Come Down Slow".

Come see these rockers at Venue on August 8th for a night that will shake rattle and roll!
Click HERE for full event details! Joining them will be WHOA, She's a Babe, The Slovos, and No Century.

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