Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Not-So Miserable Night

On Tuesday night, James and I had the honour of covering the Misery Signals show at The Roxy. It's been a while since we've attended a metal show as I'm about to have a baby any day now, however, when we heard the Mis Sigs were playing, we knew we had to go! Having heard about the show super last minute (just a few hours before), we weren't sure if we'd make it... but, thanks to The Roxy staff, we got downtown and in the venue without a problem, and in time for the first of the four touring bands!

First up was Ontario band, The Kindred. I really enjoyed their sound over all. The bassist had a great tone and thick grooves that played nicely alongside their heavy, original drum lines to fill out the rhythm section. The vocals were heard clearly, and had an easy time whipping the crowd's energy levels up. A few times during the set the vocalist even jumped down from the stage and moshed with some of the audience members, as well as tried to draw those sitting down in the back up to the floor. Their use of synth/keys/loops helped give them a well rounded sound, though sometimes made parts of their songs sound a little "busy." The addition of a keyboard EQ or some pedals may help shape the synth lines to be more 'stand alone' and less thrown in as just a filler. During the intro of one of their newest songs, one guitarist used a bow across his strings, creating a really cool sound effect, and visual dynamic to his playing. Meanwhile, the other guitarist played some really intricate riffs and even a few tapping pieces throughout their set. Over all, they were tight, heavy, melodic, and a great band to see live. Next time they come back through town be sure to check them out!

The second band of the night was Elitist. This was their first time playing in Canada, and boy did they bring it! For a four piece, they had a really well filled out sound. Shredding live guitar licks, mixed with a great use of guitar in their backing tracks, helped give them that well produced, professional, and super tight, full sound without the addition of a second guitarist. Driving bass lines were timed perfectly with heavy drums. The vocalist had many tones to his voice that soared clearly above such driving instrumentals. His delivery was passionate and energetic. Well placed back up vocals from the guitarist and bassist complimented the singer's melodies, and a guest vocal spot from Kindred vocalist created a fun, collaborative energy on stage. Over all, super tight, dynamic sound and stage presence. I'm looking forward to picking up their album and giving it a good listen!

Next to hit the stage was The Color Moral. Now, this band seems like they've been around the block a few times, and they don't take shit from anyone! Early in the set the singer jumped down from the stage to break up a fight starting in the pit, giving a small speech on the "No Fucks bullshit" that you see a lot of scene bands make a killing off of nowadays and how it's "not welcome here tonight," and how the music scene is a community, we're in it together, and everyone's just out to have a good time listening to good tunes. Which I thought was great, and couldn't have been said better. By all means, mosh until you can't mosh no more, lay it all out there in the pit, just don't start fights if you get an accidental elbow to the side. If you can't handle the pit, stay out of it! Moving onto the music! -

The Color Moral had a very heavy, super tight rhythm section, melodic guitar licks trading back and forth between guitarists, clear dynamic vocals, and killer stage presence. If you have the pleasure of seeing them live, you'd catch them flipping guitars around their backs, jumping up and down, trading spots on stage, and just having a hell of a good time performing great original music. All in all, I'd say they're now one of my new favourite metal bands to see live.

Headlining the show was none other than Misery Signals! Promoting their newest album, and being a band with such a large following, we were shocked to hear them playing the Roxy, and even more shocked to hear that the last time they came to Vancouver they played Tom Lee Music Hall just down the street! During their set they admitted that this was their first 19+ show of this tour, and were worried that the audience would mainly hang back at the bar and stare rather than rock out up front, but were pleasantly surprised with Vancouver's epic reaction to their tunes. Anyone who's been to enough metal shows in this city knows that Vancouver's metal fans bring the thunder. I have never seen The Roxy so packed, and so full of energy in my years reviewing shows there. The whole front was a pit, complete with stage diving and crowd surfers!

Misery Signals put on a real show. It felt like I was at a festival. The singer had such a dynamic presence and voice, clearly heard above their amazing guitar work which ranged from heavy thrash to crispy crunch sounds to beautiful clean interludes. The use of guitar effects truly added depth to each track. The rhythm section was so tight, really driving each song and creating great energy, despite the bassist having to sit the entire set due to being on crutches. (Kudos for still rocking out as hard as the other members/bands despite the injury!) The guys themselves are extremely personable. After their set, and song-and-a-half encore, the band stayed up on stage to chat with anyone who wanted to come say hello. After a good conversation with the vocalist, we managed to score a few autographs from the band members, and even a special text, selfie, and shoutout from the stage for our good buddy Ray who couldn't make it out to see his favourite band that night. Great guys, great music, great times.

All four bands put on a great show. One of the best over all shows I've been to in a long time. I wish them all luck on the rest of their tour, and hope to see them come back to Vancouver again sometime! Big thanks again to the Roxy for having us out. We had a great time, and look forward to covering more shows there in the future.

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