Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ready To Blow

I love some good old fashioned rock and roll! It's hard finding a band in Vancouver that rocks harder than Aviator Shades. I've had my eyes on these guys ever since I saw one of their first shows in Vancouver. Their lead singer/bassist, Dave Gorman, has had this project going for a while now with a revolving door of members. I think this time he's hit gold. All the members of the band are rock and roll heroes in the making. When he snuck me a secret link to their new EP, "Ready To Blow," I had to listen and dissect it. They teamed up with Danny Craig from Default to produce their next album. I was very interested to hear the direction they were going to go!

I've heard each of these songs countless times (minus one) at their live shows and loved how they translated onto the album. The whole album sounds as if I'm hearing them play at GM pace. It still has that raw, live feel, though has a touch of production which takes their sound to the next level. Sonically, it reminds me of Aiice In Chains, Bon Jovi and the Scorpions. Nothing beats Dave's Irish rocker voice. It's very tone commands you to pick up your beer and headbang like it's the 80s. The backing vocals from both guitarists really compliment the lead vocals, adding in a whole new depth and texture to each song. Some slight vocal production makes sure each track keeps your ears perked and constantly intrigued.

Instrumentally, the album screams classic rock. Pulling off some very classic Aerosmith/GnR/Alice in Chains tones, both guitars are huge yet not overpowering. All the parts keep the momentum, but each have their own little pieces of ear candy if the listener really listens. Since both guitarists play lead, the guitar solos in this album are fantastic. George and Shaun have very different styles and they are constantly bouncing off each others ideas. You can sometimes sense some competitiveness  when they both try and "out do" each other. The bass and drums are constantly synced and support each song perfectly. Laying down a foundation of tight grooves to allow the guitars to flow overtop of. 

The whole album is full of vocal hooks that will have you singing along in no time! The songs are structured to be radio ready and easy to follow along. They never leave you with a dull moment. Each song has a different flavour, some more blues rock, some are classic rock and one I swear has some country rock feel. Their closing track brings out some metal tones and closes the album with your heart racing! I would not doubt that you will be hearing these songs on your local radio very soon!

Check out their Facebook page HERE. Also check out their single "Ready To Blow."

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