Friday, October 10, 2014

Thunderstorm Thoughts

Music is always about self expression. Many great tunes have come from inspiration such as love, hate, even oppression. A whole genre of music (blues and jazz) came from racial oppression. Folk has long since been a safe harbour of people expressing their ideas through songs. Bob Dylan has created a whole career just based on that!

Brahma Blue has created a 23 track album over one night during a thunderstorm. 1 microphone created such an organic feel its as if your sitting with him on his floor and hearing him whisper sweet nothings into your ears. Having such an original and tonally rich voice, sometimes it doesn't even matter what he is singing about, all that maters is that it just flows into your cerebellum. So grab some headphones and crank this album up with a nice cup of tea and enjoy.

Check it out HERE. His Facebook is HERE.

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