Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Know What Your Mom Did Last Night.

Where to even begin with this band? Right from the start of their set to the end, they played a flawless show. In my opinion their show was the standard that bands to strive for; captivating and with such stage presence it demanded your attention. From the opening chords to the last notes your ears would be filled with such a full sound you would swear you were listening to more than a three piece band. They not only started strong but ended even stronger.
At the start you could easily pick out that this band had a unique sound. One thing that immediately sticks out is there attitude to the way they write songs. Very carefree with, a lack for a better referance, "Screw you, we are going to do what we want". An attitude that most bands can never pull off but My Mother the Carjacker does it in spades. If I didn't have to do a review I would have been downing beers and headbanging with all the people in the front.

I love how they went from song to song without ever taking a break. Really it's what aided with maintaining and building up the energy. It was through that energy that you felt like you were just getting hit with an onslaught of well articulated and composed riffs. Bar after bar, measure after measure, you were hit with interchanging parts that really kept you on your toes. Like I said, you would never guess that you were hearing a three piece band live.
There wasnt a break in songs till after 3 or 4 songs had been played. Even then the break was short before the band went even harder then they were before. It wasnt till half way through their set that they slowed it down. The song they chose to slow down with was perfect. They had really put thought into their setlist. One thing i've noticed when slowing a show halfway in such a high energy, post-punk, grunge setlist, is that it can really kill a promising show. So many bands lose tempo or the crowd afterwards, where as My Mother someone managed to build up the energy even more. Which frankly impressed the hell out of me.

So im going to summarize and put the show bluntly;
-Textbook show, crowd involvment with very strong stage presence.
-Captivated the crowd and had people headbanging.
-Great musicians and well composed songs.
-Kept moving the whole time and rarely had to look at their intruments.
-The attitude, I loved it, they really do have a very edgy sound.
My only wish for this show was that . Cause their show motivated me to have a couple drinks, grab some friends and just have a great time. Ill definetly be looking and following the band more. If your ever looking to go to a show go to see My Mother The Carjacker, I strongly recommend going and seeing this band. 

All in all this band gets a solid 5/5 hammers.

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  1. hear hear! carjerks are the real mccoy. bummer i missed you! next time