Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dust Off Those Cards, Bring Out The Aces!

There are those certain genres that sometimes you forget about. The ones that don't hit the airwaves as much as they should. Jazz, Black Metal, Disco, and even Ska are genres that don't see the light of day enough. Then there is Rockabilly. There was a time it was the most popular music out there. There are whole venues, festivals, and societies dedicated to the Rockabilly lifestyle. The greats such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis were all influenced and popularized Rockabilly music. It is one of the funniest genres to listen and to dance to!

The Dusty Aces are bringing Rockabilly back to Vancouver. You can see a lot of the "older" bands play in random bars across the city, but these boys are taking it to a whole new level. The look is fantastic, their suit and tie really shows that they are taking this seriously as well as playing in the genre. Their fast paced tunes catch your ear right away. The singer's quirky smile just warms your heart as his guitar lines shred their way into your soul. Speaking of shredding, the guitar solos are just  out of this world! The thick bouncing bass lines allowed for the music to have the classic Rockabilly feel but also pushed the songs forward with a great driving force. The drums kept things ever changing as new beats and layers were constantly introduced. When the band went full blast, their sound was huge!

At times they seemed to fall out of sync with each other, maybe it was the mix in the monitors, but at times their stops and starts just didn't line up. The whole set was pretty loose and raw, so with some tightening up they will not only have the speed but the precision to take their set to the next level. They had some great covers in their repertoire which filled out their set. 

Be sure to check these guys out at one of their upcoming gigs. These guys have the sound that can fill a small bar, but also a huge casino or festival stage. Their Facebook link is HERE.

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