Monday, January 11, 2016

Vancouver Metal Compilation

Vancouver has such a tightly knit, incredibly talented metal scene. Bands supporting bands, fans of all kinds of metal going to different shows to support the scene. Its about time that the outside world starts to know.

Inspired by the gap in attendance between local shows and touring shows, Vancouver musicians Darin Wall, Joey Hockin and Samantha Landa decided to assemble a sampling of Vancouver metal bands to distribute online and outside bigger concerts for free to show attendees the diversity of homegrown talent.
“We’d go to a show with touring bands, and see just a few people there who regularly support Vancouver bands,” says Wall. “While the out-of-town bands are usually well promoted and have label support, we wondered how many of their fans don’t also know about the awesome bands we have right here.”
This album is jam packed full of music. 18 bands, 18 tracks. Best of all, the album will be available for free. The bands on the album get a ton of promotion, the album it self will be handed out in various forms as well as being able to be downloaded for free. This is not a money grab for the bands, nor a scheme by a label. This is true support for the scene to allow it to grow together. This album should become a classic. This is a great taste of what Vancouver is made of. Just a sliver, a nibble to get you hungry for more!
Don't miss the release featuring 5 bands from the album performing at The Rickshaw. Check out the details HERE.

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