Thursday, July 28, 2016

A New Kind Of Rebellion

Bone State Rebellion has quickly rose amongst local Vancouver bands as a leader of the pack. From their solid stage show to their professional promotional material, this band is quickly gaining a strong following that is leading them up to their new EP. We spoke with the band about the new EP and its process.

Hammer Records: For those who don’t know BSR, can you tell some of the history of the band?
Bone State Rebellion: Scott and I met a few years ago, and became best buds almost immediately. We played in a cover band for a short while but always wanted to do originals together.. We hooked up with Bryan on guitar and found we all wrote together fairly well...Willem came a few months later, a fantastic drummer and a recent transplant from Australia and we were able to find our sound pretty quickly.

Hammer Records: What made you choose these two songs for the EP?
Bone State Rebellion: This time around we worked with Matt DiPomponio, recording out of Echoplant Studio B. He was really instrumental in helping us flesh out our sounds and textures and had a lot of great ideas! We played him all of the songs we were considering and he suggested "Road Less Travelled", one of our older songs, and "War In Me", one of our newest.

Hammer Records: How was the recording of the EP? Any fun stories?
Bone State Rebellion: We always love time in the studio, and Echoplant is unbelievable. Really great vibe and tons of unique gear and rooms to play with. The weekends were incredibly warm when we were there and we all got a little giddy in the heat.

Willem tore his pants off on camera, you can catch that on our Instagram, and we live streamed a good chunk of the recording process on Facebook for our fans to check out!

Hammer Records: What was the hardest part of making the EP?
Bone State Rebellion: We'd never worked with a producer before, so that was a unique experience. As a musician, you tend to be very protective of your art,so we had to be receptive to an outside influence and voice. Fortunately, Matt was super easy to work with and had so many great suggestions and ideas. He also plays some guitar on one of the tracks, so I guess we gained an unofficial fifth member during the process!

Hammer Records: Do you guys have any surprises for the upcoming EP Release show for the audience?
Bone State Rebellion: Hah well if I told you guys this, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? We play our hearts out on stage and promise a high energy show with a lot of crowd interaction! The rest, you'll have to be there to find out...

Hammer Records: Apart from the EP, whats on the horizon for the band?
Bone State Rebellion: We plan on launching a lyric video for "War In Me" to coincide with the launch of the single, done by the very talented Robert Takács! We also plan on getting some new merch out this fall, and continuing to enjoy our partnership with Kevin Schallié, Live Agency, and Rednyne Productions. We are very fortunate to have the support of some great people beside us.

Hammer Records: Can you give the audience some links to find you online?
Bone State Rebellion: Sure thing!

@bonestaterebel on Twitter

You can also catch us on Facebook, You Tube and Instagram under Bone State Rebellion!

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