Saturday, August 20, 2016

OUT NOW! NO LIST RECORDS SPLIT: The Great Sabatini / Godstopper

Out now! NO LIST RECORDS unleash the new split from Montreal sludge metallers THE GREAT SABATINI and Toronto noise rockers GODSTOPPER.The split is available digitally plus on cassette at the following link:
"...hails from further out in left-field with more peaks and valleys than the heads-down-tits-up sludgy rock they fire at you from the stage...these dudes have a 90s alt-rock edge grinding against their love affair with riffs that crash bolts of lightning into stacks of Orange amps in delivering a rumbling calling card of hellacious noise." - Decibel
"In 2012, the unpredictability and wickedness of Matterhorn and the gritty violence of the companion release The Royal We established the group as one to watch closely; Dog Years confirms that attention was well worth it." - Exclaim
"The Great Sabatini are not just playing by-the-numbers sludge, but rather mixing things up, and transposing their punk attitude into new forms of musical expression beyond what you might be expecting." - The Sleeping Shaman

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