Sunday, October 16, 2016

Band Spotlight - Dark Originn

A mix between Megadeth and Motorhead with a little Judas Priest thrown in, Dark Originn breathes new life into this classic sound. 

Their frontman is the embodiment of every metal frontman. His dark growly voice just sends shivers down your spine. His theatrical performances make you unable to take your eyes off him. The guitarist shreds these technical riffs with such ease and his leads and solos are fantastic. The bass lines are super thick but have a nice level of bite in them to make them stand out. Between the bass and the drums they really make such a strong backline that the guitar and vocals have room to really shine. 

The songs always have that taste of classic metal, Sabbath, Deep Purple, but have some of the modern metal song structuring that makes them unique. I could see them on a large stage with fans chanting along with the band at any metal festival. I can't wait to see the band get into the studio and lay down a solid 3 song EP and start growing beyond just Vancouver. I could see this band doing some huge things in Europe and Russia. 

Check out their Facebook page HERE
Their Reverbnation page HERE.

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