Thursday, March 22, 2012

Metal To The Masses

Everyone wants that rock star status, but how to obtain it? Well besides the usual way of endless touring to support your music, there is way to get in front of the whole country in one go... television.

Iron Kingdom took things to a whole new level by rocking the small screen! I managed to sit down and get an interview with Chris Osterman (Lead Guitar) while he was taking a break from hunting dragons.

James: First off, how did you enter into the competition? Give us some of the behind the scenes action!
Chris: We had to send in a video and register and all that to be accepted to try out. We sign up for anything that will get us a gig right so we found out and said why not?
  • We got accepted and then had to do an audition. we were then one of 80 chosen acts to play at the show 
    in front of 1800 people

J: What other acts did you see while you were auditioning? Any similar to your sound?
C: haha we'll we know we were completely different than any other act we're competing against, so it made us confident that we had something different you know?

J: What did the judges think? Were they blown away?
C: well at the audition they were very, well they didn't want to say who they liked and who they didn't because we were basically in a hotel room full of maybe 6 acts and we all went one after the other
  • and they didnt get the final say anyway, they wanted us to find out from the producers of the show, who 
    make the final decision

    J: How did it feel once you got the news you would be playing for 1,800 people?
    C: well, we were so surprised that they would even consider a metal band!! we were like really? ok haha we're gonna just rock out how we always do! We honestly didnt even realize how big it was going to be until we looked out into the crowd and man was the awesome the main thing I was thinking was finally I get a stage I can use!!! hahahaha all the bars stages are so small for an act like us that uses every inch of it

    J: How was the sound there? was everything Mic'ed? Was everyone stoked?
    C: well I know Amanda had a minor problem with the mix coming through her monitor, but overall the tech was awsome, everyone loved the stage and cannot wait to get the oppourtunity to play another show like that but for 90 minutes not seconds!

    J: Did you have to make your song shorter?
    C: We made a 6 and a half minute into about 85 seconds!

    J: Whats next? Thoughts? Predictions?
    C: Well no matter what happens for us on Canada Got Talent we will still be playing shows, writing new songs, given everything we have, we arent going to let anyone change that
    • We're making our destiny, we're organizing a tour out to Calgary and Edmonton for July and we're flying out to Toronto this weekend, we're going to show Canada what we have no matter who helps us
      just as our lyrics in our song 'Legions of Metal' say Flying high on wings of steel, this fearsome beast will never kneel!!'

      Be sure to check out their new album Curse Of The Voodoo Queen! Click here for their FACEBOOK

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