Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello Disquiet -Bridges OUT

I remember walking into the Media Club and hearing this noise from the stage. Going to investigate, I see a crowd of dedicated metal heads, rockers and punks rocking out to this band rocking the stage. After headbanging and soaking in these monstrous tunes I sought the name of the band who had just rox'ed my soxs. Bridges OUT was that name.

Hello Disquiet is their brand new EP and it definitely is anything but quiet. The opening track (Goodbye Terra Firma) starts off with a bang, leaving the listener no second guesses at what they got them selves into by putting the CD into their car stereo. Following the good old formula a verse follows the opening riffs and you get your first taste of Marin Sykes's vocals. His unique voice cuts through the mix quiet well. A different voice than the standard stuff out on the radio now a days. Full of pain and sorrow, a very emotive voice. And he steps it up as he screams and growls his very soul into the microphone. But on a dime back to his melodic vocals. The opening track was a great demonstration of their sound and talent. A nice mixture of heavy versus soft and structured well. Nice piano work during the bridge, nothing too fancy leaving lots of room for the vocals to get nice and quiet and intimate. Great track to open or close a show with.

Aural Hygiene, the second track, starts of very similar to the 1st track which kinda of disappointed me, wished this track had been spaced out a bit more from the first track so not as obvious. But during the verses a really cool guitar tremolo effect drew my ear right off from the opening riff immediately. Screaming verses leading into a melodic pre-chorus launching right into a catchy huge chorus really made me feel the build of the song. Screaming vocals reminds me of Alexisonfire screaming (RIP Alexisonfire) at times. A note on the guitar work on this song. Very nice guitar lines, lots of dimensions and interchanging melodies. Love the synth lines on this track, really thickens things out. Another epic breakdown bridge which would be a lot of fun to headbang too. One of my personal favourite tracks of the album.

The 3rd track, A Vigil, A Sentence, was the most dynamic track on the album. Going from thrash riffs to modern rock riffs. Love the drumming on this track. Each beat perfectly suited for the section of the song. changing feel and rhythm but never loosing the driving force behind the beat. A very cool breakdown quiet part in the middle of the song made me realize once again this band can change on a dime. Another catchy chorus had me singing in my car as I'm driving down the highway. Never sticking on a thought too long 3/4 through the song they threw in a new riff which brings you right back to the chorus for a final couple of times. Great tune to keep things fresh!

The end of the previous track flows right into the next, Obligatory Nautical Theme, which starts off like the 1st track ended. Another highlight of the guitar work on this track. Some very complicated riffs which are smooth like silk. The bass always goes unmentioned but without it all these tracks would be lost. I find it the grounding between everything. Playing some nice steady lines with some complicated licks thrown in for good measure. This track would be a perfect ending with its catch last chorus pounding into your head. The dividing and joining melodies made me shiver the first time I heard this track.

A very sick album!! Tight recording, great sound, lots of low end to make your speakers shake but with nice crisp. Wished a few more structured songs to easily predict choruses, just so people won't get lost but great songs! Such emotion written within each tune. Short and sweet this EP is 15 minutes of non stop action!

Be sure to check it out!
Hammer signing off
Stay Hammered!


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  1. These guys need to get signed and make an LP! ^_^