Monday, August 8, 2011

Ever Wonder About The Space Between Stars?

Hmm. Do those vocals sound a little familiar? Does that shredding of guitar leave you thinking you've heard something like this before, but perhaps softer and poppier? The correct answer is yes! A little while ago I reviewed a band called Halfway To Hollywood's EP, and upon it Jacob Owen Lutje is featured! Though Jacob does not just play lead guitar, and sing back vocals for HTH, he fronts Idol Underground (as well as plays lead and bass on this single) too!; With Jordan Funk accompanying him on drums. A heavier sound for him, but I think it really works well.

This song starts off with some really neat background vocal effects, and leads into some sweet riffs on guitar. The vocals kick in not long after, and you can hear that the levels were mixed perfectly to showcase not only his voice, but the instruments behind as well. The lyrics are simple, and to the point - which is perfect for this genre of music. The chorus itself is very easy to catch on to, and seems to double lyrically each time it comes around! A very neat hook I must say!

After the second chorus, at 2:05, there is a 1 minute, 25 second instrumental break. It starts off soft and melodic, and after about 37 seconds, a heavier drum beat kicks in, along with some sweet licks and solos on guitar for another 36 seconds! At about the 3:18 mark it slows down again, and then vocals kick back in nice and strong at 3:30 to finish off the song! Some might think that's a fairly long instrumental break, but it really does keep your attention the whole way through.

Definitely a different, heavier sound than the poppy Halfway To Hollywood, but I certainly dig it! It is available for download HERE on iTunes, and make sure to keep your eye out for a new single dropping this month. For more on Idol Underground, visit their FACEBOOK page. You won't regret it!

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