Friday, March 2, 2012

And A Winner Steps Forward...

After 3 weeks of bands duking it out, the last 3 bands gave it their all to win the Cellar Launch Project. The top and only prize is recording a new single, web promotion, new photos and shows booked. Sounds pretty good!

Slow Wave Sega was up first playing the heaviest sound of the night. Slighty progressive yet melodic hard rock blasted from the speakers giving the night a good kick off. Super tight riffing along with distinct vocals. Reminds me a bit of a perfect circle but more commercial. Good stage movement but would have liked to see some more movement from the bassist. Great use of vocals having someone for harmonies and someone for heavier vocals, mixing of the tones really brought this band a step up from usual hard rock/metal bands. Also using melodies that are different than one would normally put overtop of such riffs, sometimes a fourth instead of using the standard 5th above the root. Check these guys out HERE

Wintercoast followed up with a 180 degree twist. Going from hard rock to alternative, boarding on folk. But after the first song they had won our hearts over. Such a personal feel with their music and everyone on stage looked like they were dancing their feet off. The front man had a grin on his face the entire set and the lead guitarist looked like he was in a trance. The female back up singer looked nervous at points but seemed to be enjoying herself. We had wished she had owned the stage a bit more, being a back up singer doesn't mean having to stay in the shadows or on the side. Movement is good! Grabbing the microphone off the stand and taking control shows your comfortable with the stage. The band functioned as a fantastic unit and really brought the songs to life. Treat your ears and take a listen HERE

And turning the night on it's head again was Heavy Weight Water Buffalo. A mix of blues, funk, and jazz made everyone start dancing. An energetic sound full of life and energy their grooves were catchy and funky. The front woman commanded the stage with her voice and presence. The band behind her supported her perfectly by taking spotlight every now and then but leaving lots of room for her to sing her heart out. While great vocals, there were a lot of vocal runs and such which really brought it away from being commercial. Not that thats a bad thing, but just sounded more like something you'd see at the Yale (a packed show for sure), but not so much at the Commodore or Rogers arena. These guys were all talented musicians and just blew my mind with their skill! Great solos, harmonies, rhythms and feel. Rose and I even made our way up to dance to their last few tunes. No Facebook page for these guys but give them a search on google!

While everyone was dying to hear the winner of the Launch Project, lots of people were dying to see the special guest... Incura. Taking things a turn for the heavier, Incura proceeded to blow the crowds mind with their brand new tunes. A beautiful blend of heavy riffs and fantastic soft breaks really showing where Vancouver music can go after being honed in by talented musicians for years. Theres no wonder why Coalition Ent/Warner Music signed them, this is a band that all Vancouver bands should look up to. Brilliant front man with unique vocals + shredding vocally talented guitarist + ground shaking bassist + bombastic drummer + singing cinematic pianist = amazing band and brilliant music! Check them out HERE

Finally the winner was announced... The Day He Quit! Congratulations! Amazing band, be sure to check out our video of them posted below. Also check out their full music video and amazing tunes! Can't wait to see what this band does! A big thanks for the Cellar and all our fellow judges for the amazing time. Seeing bands battle it out is apparently in style and both Joe's Apartment and The Roxy will be doing their own versions so stay tuned.

James, signing off!

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