Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back In The Scene

Hammer and I just recently landed back in Vancouver after a week-long vacation in the always sunny Hawaii, and the first show we just HAD to check out was the Nixie, Pigeon Park, Static In The Stars, and a constant Hammer Records favourite, Cruel Young Heart show at Cellar Nightclub. Unfortunately we underestimated the time it would take to skytrain down, and missed the first two bands! We apologize, and will make it up to you both when we can – we promise. J

Once we arrived, we had just enough time to set up, grab a couple beers, make our round of hellos, and head to the front to watch Static In The Stars tear up the stage. This group of men have such a presence and sound on stage, I easily see them opening up for larger and larger acts, and eventually headlining North American tours (in the near future)! Friday’s show was the last one with temp bassist, Dave B from Default, though and they are in the search to fill his shoes. (Our own James Weekes has an audition!) With catchy hooks and melodies, heavy riffs and drums, and strong vocals, Static In The Stars stands out from the crowd. Every performance is a show, and lead singer Jordan Carriere knows perfectly well how to work the audience into a sea of headbangers despite the amount of people who couldn’t make it out! Can’t wait to catch the next show! To keep updated, like/subscribe to Static In The Stars on Facebook!

If I were to name my favourite bands, Cruel Young Heart would certainly top the list (alongside Hedley, Lift Off, and Before Helen of course)! This four-piece Pop-Rock-Dance group has high energy, strong beats, killer vocals and harmonies, and a passion for music so great it rivals our own! A few months back, Cruel Young Heart won the Molson Canadian Cellar Launch Project, and the opportunity to record their new single “Love&War.” After the show, lead singer James Blackmon came and found Hammer and I in order to give us the very first copy – and I must say it ROCKS! From the stage to the studio, the guys of Cruel Young Heart know how to perform with such precision and professionalism –while stealing your heart in the process! Make sure to stop by their Facebook page and give them a like and a listen!

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