Friday, November 8, 2013

East Coast Meets West Coast

Rock is a universal language, but that doesn't stop it from having many different flavours. Everyone's taste is slightly different. It was incredible to see two east coast bands come and play the Roxy and share their rock'n'roll. Local favourites, Cobra Ramone,  New Brunswick's The Motorleague and Toronto's The Balconies all rocked the stage last night!

Cobra Ramone's southern blues rock filled the Roxy to warm up the night. Cobra Ramone's voice floats nicely over the instruments. Thick busy drums laid the base, fat organ riffs locked everything together and their chunky guitar is the grit flavoured icing on top. This cake has layers of sweetness but just enough spice to keep things interesting. I could really see this band grabbing a small group of choir singers and adding a little "soul sound" into their live set. Their tunes really have a southern rock flavour. The Cobra strikes again! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

The Motorleague took the stage next and brought the fire! This band held nothing back and played their hearts out. Rocking all over the stage, singing riff driven rock and roll. Reminding me of Alexisonfire and Thrice, with a modern rock flare mixed in as well. Jumping everywhere and filling out that stage but also hitting all their catchy vocal hooks. Lots of different flavours in their songs. Some crunchy garage rock, and other huge rock anthems. The duel backing vocals really boosted their sound, thick choruses blasted over their rocking instrumentals. Can't wait to see this band back in Vancouver! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

If the previous band brought the fire, then The Balconies brought the thunder that created that fire! Such tights riffs, great dynamics and memorable songs made up their set. A refined professional presence emanated from them as they rocked their set. You could put this act on a festival stage or a stadium with their sound, and it would fill up the place. Their songs sounded radio ready with great guitar licks,  screaming vocals and super tight drums and bass, creating an awesome overall sound. This band is a well oiled machine ready to spread it's rock! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Check out all the photos HERE. Thanks again to The Roxy and The Fox 99.3 for putting on the show!

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