Monday, November 25, 2013

Whose The Best?

Joe's Apartment held round 3 of the "Best Of Vancouver" show on Saturday and we were there! It was a packed night, full of great bands, good beer and lots of hi-5s! Another thanks to Kevin and Rednyne for putting on the event and Joe's Apartment for hosting it! Great seeing local bands showcased.

Who says rock and roll is dead... Not Queen Cobra! Playing tunes that hail back to when rock was in it's prime. Opening up the night with a solid set which included some great lead guitar work and vocals that could rival Joan Jet and Ann Wilson. The sound was solid but we had wished the rhythm guitarist had put on a bit more of a "rock and roll" show. A quarter of the band looked classic rock and roll and the rhythm guitarist didn't match. Didn't help that he had just a small amp compared to the half stack of the lead guitarist. His tone just didn't match up. The lead player rocked the crowd by jumping in front and at one point even running into the crowd! The lead singer rocked the mic and the two back up vocals really added to their sound! A solid set for opening up the night. Check out their Facebook HERE.

By 8pm Joe's Apartment was getting full! One of the fullest we've seen for that time slot. No Operator had brought a large number of fans over from Nanaimo. (Impressive) The front was packed with people and the band provided one heck of a show! Their new rhythm guitarist was super tight and played fantastically. The addition of a light box really amped up the look of the show! The whole band filled up that stage and headbanged hard. With a super solid set that flowed so smoothly they really made an impact on the crowd. Check them out on Facebook HERE.

The Vidos were up next and were definitely a switch up sonically! Going from hard rock to old school pop punk. With an awesome 90's sound they kept up the energy with a fast-paced set and a quirky attitude. Sounding like an early Blink 182, this band had a secret fourth member! A huge teddy frog! The guitarist was jumping around and ripping solos! We had seen them before at the Richmond Night Market and we look forward to seeing them again! Check out their Facebook HERE.

We've seen The Green Room before and they were the third act that night. They were a bit of an energy drop from the previous acts. They played some more chill tunes and didn't have their usual fire and flare. We don't know if the lead singer couldn't hear himself but his vocals were a bit rough and sometimes not in key. With some guitar problems, it seemed to throw him off his usual swing. We have seen them tear the roof off and we can't wait to see them do it again! Check out their Facebook HERE.

Last up was 7 Years Luck. Once again just didn't have the energy of the first three bands. However still putting on a solid set! Definitely had some catchy tunes. Near the end of their set they brought up the energy and ended on a strong note. Be sure to check out their Facebook HERE.

Only one more week of competition until the finalists are announced! Be sure to catch our coverage of Week 4! Check out the photos HERE.

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