Sunday, December 1, 2013

Round 5, Put em' up!

The final round of Best Of Vancouver took place last night. 5 bands duking it out for 1 of 3 slots in the finals on Dec 7th and a chance to take home all the amazing prizes! Big thanks to the sponsors; Rednyne, Artopolis Media, Branston Photography and Joe's Apartment for putting these shows on!

Within Rust and Stone Travellers opened up the show but unfortunately we didn't catch them. We got there just as Dream Seeking Missiles took to the stage. Their sound was a mix of Pink Floyd, Fields of Green, Explosions In The Sky and Tool. Very progressive riffs and great use of effects really made their tracks stand out. This 3 piece is a great example of what a 3 piece can sound like. The depth of each song and the dynamics really created this beautiful wave of music that surrounded you. Both the guitarist and the bassist sang but having similar tones, their voices blended perfectly and you heard a great sense of fullness. Definitely check them out HERE.

The Faceplants had probably more gear than all the other bands put together! Recently they have had great success and have had great opportunities presented in front of them. It was apparent that they had also worked incredibly hard since the last time we had seen them. The band has been moulded into a super tight, well oiled machine of pure pop rock. With a heavy 90's pop rock influence, The Faceplants brought you back to when rock was fun again. The crowd was all smiles as these boys blasted their way through their set. Each song flowing nicely into each other with perfect turnovers. The lead vocalist had really "upped" his singing since the last time we saw him as well. His voice soared over the band and really took command of the crowd. Each band member sang back up as well, so the chorus' were huge and sounded like a well produced studio quality song! Be sure to check them out HERE.

Closing the show was Fellar. This is the third time we've seen them and it was an interesting choice putting them last. They had much more of a laid back Nirvana sounding set compared to the previous bands. Their basic bare bones rock line up just almost seem to lack when being compared to the well produced Faceplants. However, they make up for it with their rock anthem sounding tunes. Putting on a solid set it was a nice way to end the evening! Check out their Facebook page HERE

Check out all the other photos HERE.

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