Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Sky Is The Limit

Vancouver Island is always included when we mention the "Vancouver" music scene, because without some of the killer, hardworking and talented bands from the island, the scene wouldn't survive. It's something about having to take a ferry and travel that makes these bands that cross the sea just stand out more. Perhaps it's that it takes a level of dedication to push your art away from your home town and into the "Big City." What ever the case, we are happy that they do it!

Trace The Sky just released two singles off their upcoming album "Messages." These are two heavy hitting, hard rock/metal tunes that push melodic metal to a more commercial sound. These two songs really make me excited to see them live! In particular, "Nova" (1st video below), hit home with a nice heavy backing but enough melodic hooks to make sure radio stations like The Fox would play it. Their first single, "Lesson Learned," had actually more of a progressive sound to the tune. Kind of hopping back and forth between musical styles, while the vocals tie everything together. Really cool video showing all the different parts being played as well.

Definitely go check out this band that has done so much in such a small amount of time! The birthchild of "Dead Eyes Open" and "The Perfect Trend." Click HERE for their Facebook page.

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