Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Was Your Prom Like?

I remember playing in bands and we'd be trying to pick our 'genre.' I find playing in a certain genre always limits your creativity. Let's say you write a cool song or riff but it just doesn't fit your 'genre;' should you just put it away and not touch it?

Fantasy Prom is all about exploring those different directions and creating music with no boundaries. Fusing all different sounds together, you sometimes get a pop taste, then a hint of punk followed by a dose of indie alternative. Fantasy Prom ties all these sounds together with calm melodic vocals, upbeat drums and thick bass. Having those constants allows the guitars to really add layers of texture and sound. Great use of effects throughout the whole album. The sound really envelops you as you listen to each track, building their own audio world.

Go check out these musical crusaders and give their Facebook page a like and their tunes a listen!
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