Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Believe" by Kristen Karma ft. Kazz

“Believe” is the current single of now Toronto-based (previously Vancouver) artist, Kristen Karma. If that’s a name you think you recognize, you’re probably right! Kristen Karma had performed locally for numerous years, garnering success throughout Vancouver and gaining opportunities such as opening for DJ Lady Starlight at the official Lady Gaga Afterparty during the 2013 Born This Way Ball Tour,  before relocating to Toronto, Ontario to further her musical career. Karma also has a dedicated following online, world-wide. 

“Believe” is a heart-felt, positive, pop ballad. Written in connection to the Canadian Cancer Society, lyrically, this song has the ability to reach just about everyone, young and old, on an emotional level. Cancer is no stranger in the lives of many, and this song helps to bring about a positive outlook on a potentially sad situation. It teaches one to believe, and that standing together, there are no sad moments, simply just moments to remember and cherish forever.

Throughout the song, there are delicate harmonies and melodies placed strategically which keeps the song moving and the ear entertained. The addition of a feature vocalist (Toronto artist, Kazz), adds a lot of depth to the over all sound of the track, as does the addition of extra piano and string accompaniment by the talented, Kate Unrau.

The over all mix of the song, technically, was well done. The levels of the instrumentation paired well with that of Karma’s vocals. However, I wish I could have heard Kazz a little higher, or at least, clearer in the mix when it came to the additional background vocals and harmonies in the first minute and thirty seconds of the song. The latter half showcases that there are two separate voices much more clearly than the first half. When Kazz joined in for the feature vocal, you could hear clearly that he has a beautiful voice. One which carried the melodies of the song whimsically. Pairing Kristen Karma and Kazz together to create this acoustic rendition of “Believe” was a great choice. The song is strong messaged, beautifully written, and will touch the hearts of many.

To accompany the single for “Believe,” Kristen Karma released a music video, now with over 23,000 views on YouTube. The video was shot artfully, in black and white, focusing mainly around Karma in varying shots from singing to playing the piano, as well as features from Kazz and Kate Unrau. It also showcased a beautiful storyline in the b-roll of the video that I’ll let you watch for yourself.

The team behind the production of this single and music video did a really good job of capturing the essence of what Kristen Karma wrote. The credits are as follows:

Music and Lyrics: Kristen Karma
Vocals and additional lyrics: Kazz (FACEBOOK)
Strings and additional piano: Kate Unrau
Audio Engineer: Scotty Komer
Videographer: Deighton Goode
Make-up Artist: Ashley Fernandes
Executive Producers: Jordan (Xander) King, Kristen Karma, Scotty Komer
Production Company: The Kommunity Inc.
In Association With: The Canadian Cancer Society ( WEBSITE / FACEBOOK )

You can find this single on ITunes : Buy NOW on iTunes!

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