Monday, May 16, 2016

Prince Tribute Night: Earl Jenkins

The Rickshaw Theatre is putting on a Prince Tribute Night on July 22nd. This will include 19 bands performing a song or two from Prince's repertoire. We had a nice chat with Earl Jenkins about his thoughts on the Artist Formally Known As Prince.

Hammer Records: What was the first song that your heard by Prince?
Earl: Let's Go Crazy

Hammer Records: How did Prince’s music influence yourself as a musician?
Earl: Prince was a core part of my musical menu when I was forming myself as musician. His talent, funkiness and sensuality have informed an central thread in my creativity, and his drive and independent spirit have been a great source of inspiration.

Hammer Records: Does Prince influence your current band?
Earl: Since I am a solo performer, and Singer/Songwriter, everything I do is all me, and Prince, as I said, has his little bits in my approach to every I do in music.

Hammer Records: Why did you choose this certain song(s) to perform by Prince?
Earl: As soon as I heard about the tribute, I signed up for Darling Nikki. No hesitation, that was the one I wanted to do more than anything else. It was a revolutionary song, sexy as hell, and is a great singer's song. Plus, I've never heard anyone do it with just acoustic guitar, and I wanted to give people some Prince like they'd never heard it before, distilled to its essence.

Hammer Records: With such a large diverse number of bands performing, are there any bands you are looking forward to seeing share the stage with you?
Earl: I can't wait to hear all of it. I love all these songs, and I love hearing what other people do with them.

Hammer Records: Where can people find your music? What are your social media links?

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