Thursday, March 9, 2017

CBC Searchlight - Dylan Holton

We had a great chat with Dylan Holton about his entry into this years CBC Searchlight Contest. His long resume of accomplishments has proven that Dylan has lived more life than most his age.

Hammer Records: Is this the first time you’ve entered into the CBC Spotlight Contest?
Dylan: This is the first I’ve entered the CBC Spotlight Contest. I’ve been on tour most of my career so now that I have some more down time, it’s nice to enter rewarding contests such as this one.

Hammer Records: Which of the prizes are you most excited about?
Dylan: After taking  look at the projects, I guess it’s safe to say I’d be most excited about the Career Booster Kit. One of the biggest money makers for me over the years has been selling physical copies of albums while on tour. But in reality, I was always interested where my music would take me if on top of sales, I had real in depth marketing strategies practiced with my work. I love the music and performing live the most, but I have a strong passion for the business side of the music too.

Hammer Records: How would you describe your music to a brand new listener?
Dylan: This is always a tough question for any independent artist. I’ve been compared to a lot of main stream acoustic pop artists like Mraz or Sheeran, so I guess I’d just have to describe it as easy listening and inspirational. I write a little bit of everything so I like the listener to take the music as they please and categorize it themselves.

Hammer Records: What made you pick the piece of music/video to enter?
Dylan: Actually my sisters, Mom & Dad have mentioned this contest in the past. They felt my song “Yes She Does” had the best chance. It’s had some recognition in the past as some of my other songs, but I’m hoping someone hears potential in this song and maybe would like to explore the option of using it, or digging deeper into some of my songwriting. I liked the video for this as well because it was the first time I went all out doing a 100% independent video. I think it turned out pretty fun.

Hammer Records: If you could send a message to the judges, what would it be?
Dylan: If I could reach out to the judges I’d let them know that if they considered me to be one of the finalists for this contest, they would have one of the hardest working and most passionate singer/songwriters on hands. Hopefully I can tell them personally in the near future.

To find out more about Dylan Holton, check out his Facebook page here:

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