Wednesday, March 8, 2017

CBC Searchlight - Megan Anne

We had a nice chat with Megan Anne, a singer-songwriter from Barrie Ontario, about her entry into the CBC Spotlight Contest.

Hammer Records: Is this the first time you’ve entered into the CBC Spotlight Contest?
Megan: This is my second year entering into the CBC Searchlight contest.

Hammer Records: Which of the prizes are you most excited about?
Megan: This is a difficult question, because all of the prizes offered would be incredibly valuable in helping build my career. With that being said my top two would be the Canadian Musician Career Booster kit, and the opening slot at the CBCMusic Festival in Toronto. The Career Booster kit would be amazing because it includes studio time and distribution, which would be very helpful. The festival slot would be phenomenal because in my heart I am a performer. Performance is one of my favourite aspects of music, and to have the opportunity to do so alongside musicians that I admire would be absolutely incredible.

Hammer Records: How would you describe your music to a brand new listener?
Megan: My music holds a sort of indie-acoustic-pop vibe. I like to write catchy melodies and authentic lyrics. My voice has been compared by listeners to Amy Winehouse, Halsey, and Hayley Williams. I’m extremely flattered (although I’m not sure I believe them.) In addition to those artists, I’m influenced by Marianas Trench, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Scott Helman. I like to think if you put all of their music in a blender you’d get something close to me.

Hammer Records: What made you pick the piece of music/video to enter?
Megan: For the CBC Searchlight contest I entered my original song “I Want You To Know.” I picked this song for a variety of reasons. For one, I think it’s accessible, because it’s short and danceable. Additionally, I was able to submit both the radio-ready recorded version as well as a recent live video. I wanted to share my live performance because I think that being able to perform and sing live is very important for a musician.

Hammer Records: If you could send a message to the judges, what would it be?
Megan: That I’m willing to work hard! I didn’t enter this contest on a whim, I entered because I want to be a professional musician. I’m currently studying at York University to get my BFA in Music. I’ve been singing my whole life. Right now I am very much a DIY musician – writing all my own songs, booking all my gigs, maintaining my website and all of my social media, right down to designing my business cards. I’d love a chance to sit down and talk with any of the judges or industry panelists on how to further my career. (Additionally, the judge Dan Kanter is a York U Alumni, and I’d love to chat about the best places to get food on campus.)

To find out more about Megan Anne, check out her Facebook page:

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