Thursday, October 29, 2015

Best In Vancouver: Top 4 Announced!

Big congrats to Kaslo, Carousel Scene, Switch To Black and On The Run for making the top four in the Best In Vancouver competition. I had a great few words with Kevin, Entertainment Director for Rednyne Productions / Live Agency / Studio Records about this year's competition and the future of Best In Vancouver.

James: First of all, congrats on the success of this years BIV competition. What did you find different about this year than the previous year? 
Kevin: Thank you very much, this was a great year. Attendance was over 175 people per show on average, so that shows that people really care about Rock bands. One of the biggest things I noticed that was different this year was the amount of young bands that entered. It was great seeing a new crop of up and coming Vancouver bands. I'm excited to see what they'll do in the next few years. The Judges were definitely looking long term when they chose the finalists. 

James: What do you think set the top 3 bands apart from the rest of the bands in the competition?Kevin: This year we actually had a top 4, because 3rd and 4th place tied. The difference that the top bands had this year was musicianship. The Judges were quite sensitive to bands that were out of time or out of key. 

James: What should the top 3 bands improve for their final performance coming up?Kevin: The bands that made it to the finals can all play very well. I believe it will be the song writing that will separate the bands in the end.

James: What is in store next year for the Best In Vancouver competition?
Kevin: I've already been planning next year's BIV. I'm hoping to add a radio sponsor and possibly send a winner out to CMW (Canadian Music Week) in Toronto, but it's all in the works. I'm also very excited that we have Nimbus School of Recording & Media as our newest sponsor, as well as LCE Music. It's these great company's along with our other sponsors that really help bands get to that next level in their recordings as well as the business side of being in a band. I want to give a quick shout out to our other sponsors The Beat Lab Studio's, Danny Craig Productions, Artropolis Media, Branston Photography and of course Studio Records. 

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