Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Best In Vancouver - Switch To Black

Switch To Black is a band that is hungry for glory. Aiming their sights on winning The Best In Vancouver competition this year, we hope to see them do well! We managed to have a quick chat with the band about their thoughts on the competition itself.

Hammer Records: For those who might not be familiar with your band, can you give a brief description of the sound of your band?
Switch To Black:  We play a strange breed of desert rock, metal, and punk.  Think of Kyuss, Iron Maiden, and The Dead Kennedy’s having a love child.

Hammer Records: Have you checked out past “Best In Vancouver” competitions? What do you think gives your band the edge on the competition?
Switch To Black:  Well since we’re all still underage we’ve never had a good chance to check out many bands and their sweet moves, but we always have a few tricks up our sleeves and the sleeves shall be rolled up on October 7th!!

Hammer Records: What do you think of the battle of the bands competitions? Do they help build a scene?
Switch To Black:  Our past two experiences in the Best in Vancouver competition have been awesome and we’ve met, and been inspired by, lots of other great bands.  We really hope these events get music fans excited for the opportunity to discover new bands and enjoy the live music experience.

Hammer Records: What do you want to say to the sponsors who are helping putting on the event?
Switch To Black:  THANK YOU!  Thank you for believing in live music, for giving local Vancouver bands the chance to perform at an amazing venue, and to get their name out there.  There’s so much art, and so many talented musicians in this city; and it’s because of you - the sponsors - that a few of them are able to connect, learn from each other, and show off Vancouver’s giant upcoming rock scene.

Hammer Records: Aside from playing the showcases, what is in the future for the band?
Switch To Black:  We’re getting into the studio again and hope to have a brand new single out before Christmas.

Hammer Records: Do you believe in promoting with handbills or other methods that aren’t online? Or do you think that online promotion is key?
Switch To Black:  Online promotion has been key since Zuckerberg birthed Facebook and it gets more and more important every time another social media platform comes along; but as for offline promoting, making friends and connections with bands, or just complete strangers, is definitely our favourite way of getting ourselves out there.

Hammer Records: What are your social media links and how can people find your music?
Switch To Black:  We have a website, along with all the usual social media links. You can find our debut EP, Nascent Noise on Spotify, BandCamp, iTunes and CDBaby!

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