Thursday, September 15, 2016

Little Evenings, Long Nights

I love when true musicians release music from their heart. Its not about selling records, or being a rockstar. It's about releasing your music into the world and seeing where it goes. Angus Maude has a voice that just connects with your soul. The instrumentation is just fantastic and truly stays true with the genre of indie. I could hear this on the radio so easily. But what grabs me the most, are the musical ideas that Angus has created. The album just breaths, vocal layer allows his voice to move beyond each track and really sink into your brain. A few instruments make me wish they were recorded even more DYI. I would have loved to hear the piano in "Tattoos" be more out of tune. Like it was recorded on an old worn out piano covered in dust in the back of the studio. I think the album sounds great, but I think the production could be even more rustic in some tracks just to give it that earthly feel. I love the guitar in "Capo 9" which has such an organic feel to it.

The whole album is just a set of stories that when they all come together it just leaves you wanting more. I would gladly go listen to Angus for hours in a little coffee house, as long as I could have a good seat and a nice cold beer. A real diamond in the rough, this album just wants me to share it with friends and I know I will be adding it to my phone and listening to it and so should you.

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Here the album for free on Spotify HERE.

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