Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Me And Mae - BCCMA Nomination

Me And Mae are on the front lines of Country, battling to bring Vancouver on the map for Country artists. Having a slew of awards, radio play, and tons of tours under their belt, the band is one of Vancouver's top acts that are emerging on the festival scene. We had a quick chat with Shawn from the band about what Country means to them.

Hammer Records: What does Country music mean to you?
Shawn: means a lot. A place to get lost in stories and forget about the grind of every day life.

Hammer Records: How does it feel to be nominated for an award? What do you think made you stand out?
Shawn: it's very humbling... Not sure really, don't do it to be awarded but it sure is nice to get the recognition from the industry. 

Hammer Records: What do you have coming up in the future for your fans?
Shawn: brand new songs and a big announcement ... Stay tuned!!

Hammer Records: Do you think there are enough venues playing country music? What do you want to say to the fans of country music?
Shawn: I think the Vancouver club scene is become more supportive of live country. To the fans we say THANK YOU!!

Hammer Records: What other artists in the genre do you look up to?
Shawn: we love the Eagles, Zach Brown band and Tim McGraw to name a few.

Hammer Records: What advice do you have for country artists that are just starting out?
Shawn: be willing to do today what others aren't so tomorrow you can accomplish what others can't.

Hammer Records: What are your social media links and where can people find you?
Shawn: everything can be found at www.meandmae.com

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