Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best In Vancouver: Ellice Blackout

Keeping up with our coverage of the Best In Vancouver Finale interview series, I had a chat with the guitarist from Ellice Blackout.

James: What can we expect from Ellice Blackout for the upcoming finale show?

Jaws: A performance so polished you can see your reflection in it, we've really tightened all the nuts and bolts for this final show

James: What do you think about the competition and its impact in the scene?
Jaws: I think its exactly what the scene and new bands need to launch our careers as musicians in Vancouver. the exposure so far has been amazing

James: What do you think of the judges and prizes?.

Jaws: I personally dont know a lot about them as this is my first rock band, I've always stayed in the metal scene before. But i know a lot of the other guys in my band really look up to them

James: What are some upcoming plans with the band?

Jaws: We have a brand new full length album thats just in the studio getting finished, It should be out in the new year, Plus plans are in the works for a really big music video shoot in January. So there is a lot of great things on the horizon for Ellice Blackout

Check out details for the show HERE. Follow Ellice Blackout on Facebook HERE

Stay tuned for interviews with the other remaining two bands. Check out our interview with Nightshift as well!

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