Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do You Hunt At Night?

Bands sometime get in the way. When two people have a vision and have the means to carry out that vision, then sometimes less is more. Hunter's Night is made up of Greg and Ali. Their debut album is 5 tracks of bluesy rock goodness! A great mix of catchy vocal hooks, some thick guitar and tight bass and drums really bring out the raw quality of these songs.

Very interesting to note that this is all a home recording. Recorded in a workshop but you can barely tell. The production on this album is fantastic. Some of the best home recording I've heard in a while. The vocals are fantastically mixed to be both raw but also quite commercial at the same time. Quite a quirky vocal tone which dictated the whole sound of the album.

This is an album you should crank on your car stereo when travelling to go on a hike. Even put on while your having a glass of cheap wine on a sunny day.

Check out their album below and their Facebook page HERE.


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