Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quite Different Lodgings

Music is always about self expression. Some people paint landscapes, some paint shapes, and some just use the colours to paint something entirely different. The same can be done with music. Music is just audio sound waves played in such a way to be pleasing to the ear, or even sometimes not to be so pleasing. So many variables come into play when crafting music that no one can say "thats a horrible piece of music". They may find it not in their comfort zone but nothing discredits someone else's view on music.

Lodge NÂș1 is quite experimental on the scale of experimental albums I've heard. It helps with the live video that they filmed to comprehend their creative process. It was nominated "Island Instrumental or Experimental Album Of The Year" on the Van Isle Music Awards. This four track EP is full of diverse and audibly stimulating  music. They keep a great sense of dynamics with their pull and push of overlapping sounds and instruments. Check out their website HERE.

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