Saturday, November 22, 2014

Get Your Roar On!

It's always a breath of fresh air to hear music with a fantastic singer. It is the one part of a band that either makes or breaks the overall sound. We know every singer has their own tone and unique things they like putting into their recordings but sometimes it takes a few listens to really grow to love that voice.

Belvue is a band that seems to have crafted it's song around the vocals instead of the other way around. Their radio ready rock tracks are original, easy to listen to and are quite imaginative. Their new EP entitled "How To Be A Lion" is full of dynamic, deep, well constructed tracks. Hints of indie influence, hints of pop and a whole lot of rock and alternative rock make this album very diverse. Yet as your listening the music is both predictable but unpredictable at the same time. They have little things that keep you ear engaged and your mind from wandering.

All the tracks have a great use of harmonies. There are a few moments where I wished the harmonies were tighter with the main vocal pitch wise. A few parts where the harmonies were a little out of tune and that breaks the illusion of the song away. The instrumentals behind the vocals are thick, rich and full of emotion that blends perfectly with the lyrics and meaningful tone of the vocals.

All together this is a great sounding album. I would recommend putting it on with a great cup of coffee, a nice book and a rainy day. If your in Vancouver, then thats almost everyday!

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