Monday, March 28, 2016

A Quaint Night At Funkys

It was a quiet and quaint night at funkys, enabling the nights performances to be close and personal. What the night entailed was a fresh experience of new bands to discover, I didn't know what to expect. Little did I know, funkys had a heavier night in store than what I had in mind.
The first band Porcelain Sky began their set with prepared can of whoop-ass. While starting the first song the frontman provoked and antagonized the crowd to engage the stage. With in the first 20 seconds they had the crowd head banging imeadiatly. While switching between feels of meshuggah, deftones, and TOOL they maintained a completely original sound listeners can relate to. Topping off their performance with tight musicianship and stage presence like a well stitched seam, they're going in the memory bank. To finalize a well executed set they made a shout out to Wendy 13. I give porcelain sky 7/10 hammers. Up second was Blackstar, a female fronted cover band slaying our favourite classic rock and heavymetal songs. They opened their set with The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy and immediately began kicking but. Right away, Bkackstar made me feel right at home, like cranking tunes at the band house. Constantly slugging out the solos and licks we are all so familiar with, they enforce beer drinking. Near the end of their performance they hammered out the Immigrant Song and 22 Acacia Avenue which was a great way end the set. I had a coversation with the front woman who has been singing for bands over the past thirty years which clearly shows. I give Blackstar 6/10 hammers. The last and final band Curse the Forsaken, following a classic rock cover band, had a neat little shrink wrapped pandoras box like package. Opening their set with super grovey and juicy riffs and chunky solos, these guys were excedingly heavier than the first two acts. I was left completely speachless for  the majority of their set stunned by their ability to encorperate groove with grindcore and technical death metal. Their energy is comparable to slayer, early dying fetus, and one of my local favourites The Almighty Excruciating Pain (EXPAIN). Curse the Forsaken had the best stage presence, musicianship, and progressively heavy riffs of sorts I've heard in a long time.  After their mind blowing performance I found my brains splattered on the wall behind me. I give Curse the Forsaken 9/10 hammers. This was another review brought to you by Hammer Records and severvancity productions. Until next time, keep rocking and be safe.

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